We Are Having Another Baby!

Let’s first give the floor to Lotti, who volunteered to share our piece of great news:

We are indeed expecting our second human baby. Now that I am 15 weeks along, the nausea has passed, and we received the results for the first important tests. Everything looks good. Hopefully, we can welcome our second girl around the New Year.

While we have told Josephine, she is still too young to know what we are talking about. But I am very excited that her sister will only be a little less than two years younger than her. I hope that they’ll be close.

Since I am an only child and haven’t always enjoyed it, it was clear to me that I wanted more than one kid if possible. Then again, we weren’t sure how that would work out with me being at the end of my 30s. But so far, so good. We were lucky that I got pregnant rather fast again, without us trying very hard.

I am also stoked about a having another girl. Mostly because I really don’t know anything about boy babies, ha ha. But also, I imagine how I can co-dress all of us and how cute they’ll be together.

We Are Having Another Baby! | janavar

So far, the pregnancy has gone well. To be honest, I had almost forgotten how much I disliked being pregnant itself – while being super happy and excited about having a baby. This time my nausea started already at around 4 weeks. At the same time, I constantly felt so exhausted. This has improved so much by now. It also helps that Josephine started daycare.

Right now, I start to enjoy the second trimester with all its perks (think: second breakfast and good hair days). My belly bump is clearly visible, and I recently got out all my maternity clothes once more. It works out great that I was as far pregnant at around the same time with Josephine.

Else, I feel overall maybe a little more relaxed, at least now that we have got the most important test results. Like this pregnancy I just eat the sushi if I feel like it. Just like last time, by the way, Lotti has started to take naps right on my belly. So really, all is great around here.

We Are Having Another Baby! | janavar

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3 thoughts on “We Are Having Another Baby!”

  1. Meine herzlichsten Glückwünsche! Ich drücke ganz fest beide Daumen, dass auch dieses Mal alles gut verläuft und ihr bald euer zweites Kind im Arm halten könnt! Dezember scheint noch weit, aber – hey – nur noch 169 Tage bis Weihnachten!

    1. Haha 🙂 und danke! Wenn ich daran denke, dass wir in einem halben Jahr auf jeden Fall unser zweites Baby haben, dann scheint die Zeit bis dahin ganz schön kurz.

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