My Summer 2023 Plans

Happy July!

We have recently had a few changes to our daily routines, mostly with me starting my new job. So far, I have done a lot of training and cannot wait to start giving the actual services for a change. Because of the job, Josephine has started daycare. It wasn’t easy to find an open spot for her here in Midtown Manhattan, and the daycare unfortunately costs an arm and a leg (welcome to America!). But she was so ready and loves going there. I was also ready (mostly – maybe) and enjoy having time for other things than entertaining a toddler. Luckily, that worked out well for all of us.

Besides a new job and daycare, I have other things I want to do this summer:

  • We want to go to the beach and introduce Josephine properly to the fun of the sea. I even bought her a life vest. Sadly, the air here was so bad on Saturday that we had to postpone our trip.
  • Watch the 4th of July Fireworks from our roof deck. I think that is one of my favorite uses of our building’s roof deck. We don’t need to stand in the crowds near the East River, but get a pretty good view.
  • Use my TDF membership as much as possible. It allows me to get performance tickets for cheaper, as long as I am flexible with the dates. The other weekend I saw the musicals “New York, New York” and “Once Upon a One More Time”, as well as the immersive play “The Great Gatsby” (I had time then because Rich had taken Josephine to Boston). I already have a ticket for the Irish punk rock musical “Good Vibrations” this Wednesday.
  • I hope to go swimming at least once per week. This summer, the indoor pool at our local recreation center is open. Plus I have some free time.
  • Read more physical books. My TBR pile has grown substantially. Recently, I have almost only read e-books because it is much easier with a toddler around. But this summer, I want to decrease my physical book pile at least a little bit.
  • I think I have to deal with my closet. Or rather sort it and get rid of a few clothes. I recently noticed that one of the boards has fallen down, possibly (cough cough) because I piled up too many clothes and things got too heavy. Ooopsies!
  • Spend much quality time with our cats. Arti and Lotti are the sweetest cats ever. But I feel that they didn’t get as much attention with Josephine around – although she feeds them, brushes and pets them. Anyways, I want to pay them more attention during the day.
  • Same procedure as every year: We are going to spend several weeks in Maine. Namely, Josephine and I will go there in late July for three weeks, Rich will join us one week later.
  • Try some fun recipes in Maine again. We haven’t had cooking gas since before Christmas … so I cannot wait for a proper kitchen when we are in Maine. I always enjoy cooking and baking there, also because the kitchen is significantly bigger than any(?) in Manhattan.
  • After vacation is before vacation: We want to plan a trip to Quebec in fall.
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