Valentine’s Day Inspiration

It is less than a week until Valentine’s Day. And while I don’t give or need a big gift (actually, I would just love to have my engagement ring by then), I quite enjoy a bit of a loving atmosphere in the middle of winter. I mean it has been almost two months since Christmas.

Sometimes it is a little unfortunate that Valentine’s Day in the U.S. looks as if heart-shaped aliens have invaded Earth. Ever since January, stores have tried to sell chocolates in pink and red packaging, fluffy red teddy bears and – for unknown reasons to me – pink flamingos. All kinds of cards for your Valentine partner, your best friend, your almost best friend, your maybe friend … oh and your dog. And your neighbor’s dog. Useless gifts like colorful pencils, flip images, temporary unicorn tattoos. I find aisles full of these things rather overwhelming.

I don’t think Valentine’s Day needs to be expensive. Instead it is fun to decorate the apartment a little bit and dress up. I am most likely to wear a sweater with hearts on it and then I’ll make some kind of heart-shaped cakes or cookies. Instead of stepping outside into the cold and spend a fortune on special Valentine’s Day menus in restaurants, it is so easy to cook something easy, but delicious at home. Light a candle. Hide together under a fluffy blanket. Watch a cute romance on TV.

Do you actually celebrate Valentine’s Day at all?

I have compiled some inspiration* for a low-cost Valentine’s Day, with only few hearts and no flamingos at all 🙂

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