Trying to Empty That Always Overfull Cabinet

I love things. Much to Rich’s chagrin. But I love having things and getting new things and treasuring every-things. Unlike my dear husband, I also have the tendency to fill empty spaces with things. I can’t just let them sit empty. I am also very good at ‘tetris’-ing my belongings into cabinets.

I think my tetris talent has excelled in the bathroom and my wardrobe. Recently though, I have to admit, Josephine has started to open and empty one of my bathroom cabinets. She enjoys playing with all my creams, shower gels, body lotions, etc. Unfortunately, she hasn’t yet learned to also put everything back. We have reached a point where I have to clean up after Josephine every single day. I could do it even several times a day, but usually choose to step over my things spread out on the bathroom floor.

Trying to Empty That Always Overfull Cabinet | janavar

Of course, I could secure that specific cabinet with a child safety lock. But 1) they are pretty ugly and 2) I don’t generally mind Josephine playing with my things. So instead I want to pursue a different goal: Within this year I want to use up enough beauty products to empty that cabinet. I am not allowed to just rearrange and put the products in a different spot. But I am still allowed to purchase more products if I want to – as long as I don’t need more space overall.

This goal will help achieve side objectives, too: 1) It will create space for Josephine’s products in the bathroom, and 2) we might be able to fit a new, smaller vanity there if we want to.

So this is it: I have to use up more beauty products than I acquire in order to empty that one always overfull cabinet. It is not the worst task, to be honest. I believe that mostly it just means to use up products consistently and not using, for example, three body lotions at the same time. If I can bring myself to doing so, I might even sort some old products out. Let’s see how it goes …

Do you have that one always overfull cabinet? What is it you are treasuring?

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