Travel: Strolling through Warnemünde in Winter

When I visited my parents over Christmas, we also went to Warnemünde, which is a beautiful town at the Baltic Sea. Even as a kid this was the place I wanted to go to to the beach. As a high school student I often took the bus during summer vacation and went to the beach. The town was also good for some great shopping. Later on I studied in Rostock, which Warnemünde nowadays is a part of. Recently, I read that Rostock University is Germany’s most and Europe’s forth most beautiful university. Ha! When we had time after our lectures, we used to take the commuter train to Warnemünde esp. during summertime. Or during great fall and winter storms when we could stay outside for only a short while. Have you ever been to the beach during a storm when the wind whips all the sand into your face and the waves are several meters high?

Even in winter many people visit Warnemünde. It is just such a nice town to stroll about, go to the beach, watch the cheeky seagulls, eat a fish sandwich, watch the ferries to and from Denmark and Sweden arriving and departing, etc. It definitely is a town I love to come back to almost every year. This time we managed to go on the one day when it suddenly started pouring. We were close to the sea, but hasted to leave the beach and sit in a dry and warm cafe for a bit. I wish we could have spent more time on the beach itself, but there were several rain showers and there just isn’t any shelter on the beach.

There is a big promenade. You can climb the old lighthouse, but I didn’t this time.

I always enjoyed that I could go from Rostock to Denmark by ferry in about two hours. I didn’t do it often enough, but that’s a different story.

There are many small cafes in Warnemünde. Although I normally opt for a fish sandwich, this time I really really wanted a “Mettbrötchen” (a bread roll with raw minced pork and onions on it – it is very delicious!).

The seagulls are not only cute, but also cunning. They watch people and try to steal the fish from their sandwiches.

Hansestadt Rostock – Rostock was an important Hanseatic city in the Middle Ages. It nowadays still has a big port.

Funny animals everywhere 🙂

jacket – Gerry
sweater – Mavi
leggins – Primark
handbag – Marc Jacobs

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  1. I really enjoyed looking at these pictures 🙂 I grew up in Bad Doberan and went to school in Rostock for two years and I am still going back there every few months to visit my family. So it’s really interesting for me to see the area through different eyes and see how everyone notices different things and places. Over the years I got really used to the baltic sea and all the beautiful sights around there but since I’m only visiting the area every now and then I pay more attention to all its beauty 🙂

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