My Summer Break 2020 Bucket List

Oh sweet summer break! I had longed eagerly for you to arrive. And now that you are here, I am overjoyed. I don’t have to spend all my days in front of my laptop anymore. Neither do I have to prepare lessons and video calls nor do I have to grade a bazillion student texts every week. Instead I can just sleep in every morning. Sometimes I get to see Rich working while I am lying on the sofa. I also have time for regular afternoon naps. Summer break really is one of my favorites every year. Since I don’t really get to travel this year (at least not far away), I have come up with many other things to do this summer:

  1. Have my car repaired: The battery died because I didn’t drive for 3.5 months so now I have to have the car repaired (it is already in the auto shop).
  2. Make and send thank you cards from our wedding: We have already collected all the addresses, but I have to sit down and create and write the cards themselves.
  3. Spend at least one day at the beach together with Rich: I mean I recently bought two dinosaur bikinis so we definitely have to go to the beach …
  4. Visit supermarket Lidl: There is one not too far away now in New Jersey. I can’t wait to go because I believe it’ll be almost like a vacation in Germany.
  5. Go on a few day trips: Once my car drives again without problems, I would like to visit a few towns close-by, e.g. Terrytown/Sleepy Hollow or Beacon.
  6. Have a little dinosaur waffle party: Two of my friends gave a dino waffle maker to me for my birthday. So we definitely have to try it.
  7. Go camping in Upstate for one weekend: Well, I am not that happy about camping, but one weekend will be fine. Our groomsman and his girlfriend asked if we would all go together.
  8. Get up early sometimes to go running in the morning: Most days in the City are hot and humid. So if we want to exercise at all, we have to get up a little earlier (like at 6 or 6.30 a.m.) to go running before this becomes almost unbearable.
  9. Use our icecream maker regularly: I tried it last week for the first time and realized how much fun it is to create your own icecream. Since we have come up with many more ideas.
  10. Go with one of my friends to the Hamptons: We thought it would be nice to spend a few days outside of the City. And I have never been to the Hamptons.
  11. Have a picnic with friends in Central Park
  12. Visit Rich’s family: Rich has the last week of July off so we will try to see his family either in Boston or Maine (depending where they are then).
  13. Eat vegan for a whole week: I still find it hard to eat exclusively vegan dishes, but I have also improved a lot there. So a whole week would be challenging, but also fun.
  14. Continue to read as much: I have read so many books already this year. As reading is one of my favorite activities, I would love to keep it up and maybe also read a few more of my TBR pile.

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