My October

My October had its ups and downs. I still remember how I sat on my sofa on the first Saturday in October and wished I could just stay at home. Ever since I moved into this apartment in July, I have spent much time away. I had only returned from a two week trip to Germany at the end of September, and I would have loved to just lie on my sofa, cuddle with the cat, and watch Netflix. Instead I packed my bag and took the bus to New York City because being with my boyfriend feels even more important than staying at home. As I had fall break, I got to spend a whole week with him in Manhattan. At the time it was still summer. Looking back, I don’t really understand why I yearned for fall. Thanks to the suddenly wet, cold, grey weather, I totally missed this year’s foliage. I have worn my winter coat for the last two weeks already. Also, I didn’t even dress up for Halloween this year because work right now is quite stressful and exhausting. I was already happy this week when I managed to do my laundry and put twenty pairs of socks back into my dresser. On a positive note, because I have recently been at home more often, my fridge is full again. I discovered many food products containing pumpkin at Trader Joe’s recently. Obviously, I bought pretty much all of them.

My October


I visited the New Museum (on the Bowery) for the first time. I liked their (changing) contemporary art exhibitions a lot, esp. since they are all thought-provoking. What I didn’t like as much was the ticket seller who I asked if there was a teacher’s discount – and simply because my English has a light accent, she immediately assumed I wouldn’t work in the U.S.

On Friday evenings from 4 to 8 p.m., the MOMA is for free. Since this museum is within walking distance from my boyfriend’s apartment, we went and strolled through their contemporary art exhibitions. I was in the MOMA once before and I quite enjoyed going again because it gives me the opportunity to focus on some art pieces instead of trying to take in the whole museum.


Last weekend I finally had time to spend much time with one of my best friends. Among other things we went to watch “A Star is Born” at the movies. Wow! I love that movie. I really liked Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and their music even more. The story itself was much more profound than I had expected. Also, don’t forget to bring hankies …

I also re-watched “The Greatest Showman” because that is my solution to when I feel a little down. Since another friend had surgery recently, I spent two evenings on her sofa and we watched both “Ant-Man” movies, which are very entertaining. I really like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


My boyfriend and I finished “Sense8” on Netflix. Despite a brilliant finale, we were sad that the series ended after two seasons. I guess we need a new series now. I have started to watch “The Romanoffs” and “4 Blocks” on Amazon Prime – the latter is a German production.


I finally had time to read Lindsey Kelk’s latest novel “One in a Million”* – a fun chicklit piece about successful Annie who bets that she can make any person famous on Instagram in thirty days. But that persons turns out to be Sam, a historian who hates social media and is very lovesick. Annie still takes on the challenge …

After that I discovered the “Sisters Grimm”* book series. They are about Sabrina and Daphne Grimm, descendents of the famous Brothers Grimm. As fairytale characters live happily ever after, they are still alive today. They live in a little town on the East Coast which they can’t escape thanks to a strong spell. The girls end up living there with their granny and start to become detectives when a giant turns up. I have read five of the nine books so far and like them very much. Even though the protagonists are kids, the stories are round and detailed.


When I was in New York City, I met up with a friend. For some very unknown reason we entered a Sephora store and she showed their mystery kits to me. Since I always wanted to own the Nars Orgasm blush, I bought the cheek kit for $16. I think that is a good price for three products. I also don’t really need full size products because my makeup collection is huge.

Else, I recently subscribed to the Sephora Play Box which arrives monthly and contains five samples. I know … huge makeup collection, but I can’t totally give it up. I am not buying many other things though.

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