My December To-Do List

Can you believe that the last month of 2022 is already here? I am still not totally sure if I feel that this was the fastest or slowest year ever. Possibly everything: with a baby, every day is always both. As it is 1 December, I thought I’d share my December To-Do List with you.

I hope to do as many things as possible from the list with Rich and Josephine this year. Plus a Hanukkah party (still waiting for our invitation because our friends have a Hanukkah latke party every year). While I know that Josephine will not remember her first December and Christmas season, I want to cherish every little moment when she notices or learns something new.

Most likely, this is also the last year where I get to make AND eat all the Christmas cookies. So far Josephine doesn’t eat refined sugar and hasn’t shown any interest. That will surely change in 2023.

But for now it is still December 2022 and I want to do as many holiday things as possible. Next week I will try to take Josephine to see the Rockettes – I try to see the show every year and hope that Josephine takes her afternoon nap in my arms, right when it starts. Later in the month, we will be at home for Christmas Eve and celebrate a very German Christmas. As in with potato salad and sausages for dinner, and we get to open gifts. On Christmas Day we will, just like in recent years, visit Rich’s extended family in Connecticut for an American Christmas.

My December To-Do List -

What is on your to-do list for December?

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