My August 2021 Goals

It is already August. This year seems to be flying by. I am glad I still have another about 3 weeks of summer break because so far this break hasn’t been relaxing for me. Mostly because we had to postpone our move so often and so much. Of course, after the move is before the settling in and decorating. It was only yesterday that we finally ordered missing furniture, which will be delivered by the end of next week. Even though my wardrobe will not yet have doors because so many things are sold out these days. But surely in a few weeks we will not remember our moving chaos as much and I won’t constantly have to look at still more boxes to unpack.

My August 2021 Goals

One of my monthly goals for August definitely is to laze around as much as possible. Another to eat as much good icecream as possible. All of my other goals are slightly more ambitious:

My Goals for August 2021 are:

  • unpack most moving boxes
  • set up the furniture we ordered once they arrive
  • change our driver’s license address
  • go to my fingerprint appointment for the Green Card
  • apply for expedited processing of my work permit (I really really urgently need it for the new school year)
  • find out how we access our roof top
  • get back into blogging regularly
  • finally send the letter to register for voting in the upcoming German parliamentary elections
  • visit at least one NYC museum
  • continue to buy regional produce at the farmers’ market
  • get an overview of all my beauty and makeup products (now that they are all in one place, they look slightly more than I thought)
  • see some live show (theater or concert or similar) in NYC
  • cook one thing from my 101 Things in 1001 Days list
  • spend at least one day at the beach

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