Friday’s Five

1. It is finally Friday and tonight we are going on a double date. We are meeting one of my boyfriend’s best friends and his girlfriend. After a few changes of plan because many restaurants were booked out, we chose Plant Food + Wine NYC. It is a vegan restaurant and I am quite curious to try the dishes. I always enjoy looking at menus online before we go somewhere. Here everything sounds exciting to me. Also, I think we have done pretty well with not eating any meat this week – so this restaurant visit feels a little like the absolute peak :-). I wish you all a lovely evening!

2. Today marks the end of my first term at the “new” school. I can hardly believe I have worked there for half a year. I can honestly say that I love my job and workplace. The kids got their report cards today. And then we just start the second term on Monday. We are going to have winter break one week later though. Also next week I am going to Washington for a professional development, woohoo.

3. After work today I had a little time to spare before my train. So I paid a visit to Macy’s Backstage where they sell many discounted products. I ended up buying a slow cooker for $15.99. I had always wanted one, but I was too cheap to buy one. Well, now we own it and will hopefully try all kinds of recipes. Right now it is on its first trial – I am hoping for a delicious pear cobbler.

4. I don’t often read books in German anymore, but I started and finished “Elanus”* by Ursula Poznanski this week. I bought the YA novel at a book flea market in December. The immensely suspenseful plot is about Jona. He is seventeen, highly intelligent and starts studying at an elite university. His best friend is a drone that he uses to spy on people. Unfortunately, he discovers something that threatens his life … While I didn’t really like the protagonist, I loved the suspense and the writing style.

5. Last weekend the Netflix show “Rise of Empires: Ottoman” was published and I devoured all six episodes. The show is a mix between a documentary and reenactment – and I simply love it. I think it is such an amazing way to present a piece of world history, i.e. how the Ottomans conquered Constantinople and thus finished off the Byzantine Empire. Plus it might make you see why I love Istanbul so so much. This show actually has me miss Istanbul more than usual.

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