July 2019 Goals

So. July. The month I waited for so eagerly. The beginning is mostly characterized by our house moving. Over the course of the next few weeks this will hopefully change – namely to me being absolutely excited about living in Manhattan and exploring my new neighborhood. Even though I dislike moving, I am usually good in unpacking everything immediately.

1. Move into the City. Shall I be honest? So far I feel overwhelmed. I moved out of my apartment on Saturday – but instead of moving in today, the date was postponed to tomorrow. Canavar and I are for now staying in Connecticut and have to deal with moving in tomorrow. Alone. Because my boyfriend has to work. I am terribly scared of having to drive the moving van to Manhattan and also having to meet the movers at the building where there isn’t any legal parking close by on a Monday morning. July really starts with an enormous challenge for me and I can’t wait for it to be over. Despite everything, I am still very excited to be living in the City from tomorrow on.

July 2019 Goals | janavar

2. Buy furniture. Since it took a long time until we were approved for that apartment, we didn’t have time to order furniture in advance. I can’t wait to start doing this within the next few days. Each of us brings a few pieces, but I still need a desk for instance.

3. Buy a fancy litter box cover for Canavar. This I actually ordered this morning. I can’t wait for my fluff to have a fancy wooden cat litter enclosure – and for us to have far less litter flying around the apartment.

4. Get a lot of sleep. Man, I am exhausted. My first day of summer vacation coincided with my moving day. So far I haven’t had time to relax. But hopefully I survive tomorrow’s moving in and then I only have to deal with our internet before I will hardly move anymore. For at least a week. I might take the elevator from our apartment to the roof top. But this is as far as it goes.

5. Attend a few art events. Okay, maybe I’ll leave the house once or twice a week. I already bought tickets for a Sofar concert. There are also several interesting performances at the Shed. And many museums offer one free night per week (or pay as you wish) so that I might go and visit some of them.

6. Make new contacts. I don’t really know anybody in New York City. The only friend I have spends the summer in Europe. Although I want to spend plenty of time with my boyfriend, I would also like to have my own group of friends. So I guess at one point this month I’ll have to leave my bed/sofa/roof top and start to socialize.

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