Friday’s Five

1. Today marks the beginning of summer. At least in Boston it was another rainy day though. But while the weather doesn’t animate me to go out for Midsummer, temperatures in general are pleasant. I have even started to regularly go running again. I can’t wait for summer vacation to start next Friday and then for me to really enjoy the summer in the City – once we have moved. The weather is also supposed to improve this weekend. I might finish the last bit of my favorite pistachio ice cream from my freezer tomorrow.

Friday's Five | janavar

2. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019. I remember that when I was a kid we had discussions at school why nobody was ever (and would probably never be) interested in women’s soccer. But 20 years later the world has fortunately already changed a lot when it comes to gender issues and this year’s soccer world cup is just as interesting as the one last year. For us Germans it is actually even better because our men’s team exited in the first round. But our women’s team has reached the round of 16. So tomorrow from 11.30 a.m. on you can find me in front of my TV cheering for Germany’s women’s national team when they play against Nigeria. I would love to see Germany playing the U.S. in the final *fingers crossed*.

3. “The Secret Life of Pets 2”. I love going to the movies, esp. when I am stressed out. June is usually a great month for new entertaining films, just like “The Secret Life of Pets 2”. I liked the first part and laughed just as much when I watched the new one. It is simply hilarious when the fat cat always pushes things over. Or when little spitz Gidget needs to dress up as a cat and learn to act like one in order to recapture a bouncy ball that accidentally rolled into an apartment full with crazy cats.

4. “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” game was launched in the U.S. today. When Pokemon Go came out three years ago, I wasn’t interested at all. Pokemon just isn’t my kind of fantasy world. But Harry Potter obviously is. This is why I immediately downloaded this location-based augmented reality game down to my smartphone today. My bedroom is full with vampires, Kneazles, and all kinds of other humans and animals. Just outside on my street there are greenhouses, inns and fortresses … I really enjoyed my first walk and game of “Wizards Unite” this evening.

5. The songs I listened to most this week were these two German ones. Both were published within the last one and a half months and I love love love the singers’ voices.

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