How I Maintain My Dyed Red Hair

I actually never saw myself as a redhead. If you had asked me a year ago, I’d have sworn that of all hair colors in the world I’d never choose red. But here I am with red hair, I’ve had that hair color for almost seven months now, and I love it. It all started last year in May when I went to a new hair salon. The man who cut my hair suggested to color my hair red, but I just laughed at the idea. But he kind of put a bug in my ear. Over the summer I wondered more and more what I’d look like with red hair. So much that in mid-August I went to the hair salon again and asked for it. My hairdresser, who I’ve gone to ever since (because she is so great and also fun), suggested a semi-permanent plum color. I love that color that looks dark in the shade and glistens in the sun. But red and especially a semi-permanent one needs much attention and extra care so that I have changed my whole hair care.

I try to wash my hair only twice, or three times per week at the maximum. First I use the Pure Blends Cherry Depositing Shampoo*, which is highly pigmented. It protects the color from fading and washout. Although it is quite expensive, it really does an amazing job: I didn’t have this shampoo when I first had my hair colored. After two months the red was more or less gone. When I visited my hairdresser again after three months, my hair was back to its natural color. My hairdresser recommended the shampoo to me because another client of hers has used and swooned over it for ages. I can only agree that the product is fabulous. When I last went to my hairdresser, again three months later, my hair was still quite red.

Besides, I always use both the John Frieda Radiant Red Color Protecting shampoo* and conditioner*. Since I don’t wash my hair as often anymore, I shampoo it twice each time. I also need the conditioner in order to keep the color and my hair shiny. Now that my hair is that short, I have to blow dry it, which is another reason why I need the conditioner and its protection. What is also nice is that I’ve used both products for the last seven months now, and the bottles are still far from empty.

On the days when I don’t wet my hair, I use the Batiste Dry Shampoo*. I alternate between its different varieties, but so far all Batiste dry shampoos I’ve used are great. I usually spray it on my hair the night before so that it has much time to absorb any oil and grease. In the morning I simply brush my hair, and the shampoo doesn’t leave any grey residue. It also adds new volume.

As much as I like the red color, I won’t keep it during the summer though. I believe that the color will have faded after my two weeks on the beach in April. Red doesn’t go very well with sun and water. So over the summer I most likely will keep my natural hair color and use some of my other hair care products, which must be bored stiff in my bathroom vanity.

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