Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person Who Already Has Everything

Today’s gift guide has ideas for the person who already has everything. Like my grandmother, my parents, my in-laws, my husband, possibly even myself (although of this list I am definitely the one who still loves to get more things). And I really mean people with everything. People who do not want or need another vase or a coffee table book (unless it is a very personal book that you have created yourself …)

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1. A Paint Your Life portrait

I actually gave an oil painting of our family to Rich for his first father’s day this year. I sent in a photo of us and could discuss certain aspects of the painting with the painter, e.g. how to change the background. We then received the framed painting a few weeks later. An oil painting is super special and ours now hangs in our bedroom.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Person Who Already Has Everything | janavar

2. A Book of the Month subscription

I have subscribed to Book of the Month for almost two years now and enjoy selecting a book every month. I have also given a 3-month-subscription to Rich’s uncle last Christmas and he loved it a lot. The great thing about books is that we often hand them on to others after finishing them.

3. An experience

I think experiences are a lot of fun and they give you the opportunity to try something new or do something together. Paint classes are always popular (esp. the drinking ones), but I imagine axe-throwing to be even more fun.

4. A restaurant gift card

I mean: Who doesn’t like to eat out? I find restaurant gift cards a great gift for couples like my parents because they remember the meal for a long time. Sometimes you can buy the gift cards directly from a restaurant, other times you need to look for bigger websites that sell them. If anyone every wanted to get us a gift card, interesting restaurants close to us are e.g. The Shadmoor and Club A Steakhouse :-).

5. Tickets to a show

Tickets to a show are similar to the previous two ideas. Rich and I have given each other show experiences several times. Last year, for instances, we went together to see the Rockettes and Cirque du Soleil. Esp. when you live in a big city like New York City, I would always check if there are any discounted tickets available.

6. A cordless water flosser

Yes, I said “for the person who already has everything”. I bet they don’t yet have a cordless water flosser. I only ordered one for us in October – and it might be my personal favorite purchase of the year. After one or two trial runs, the flosser is very easy to use. Basically, it is like floss, just wayyyyyyy better. For me it means that floss doesn’t get stuck between my teeth anymore and I don’t have any gum bleeding. I think a water flosser really is what everyone should have and use. Plus it will make your dentist extra happy the next time you see them.

7. A bug bite itch relief thing

Another thing that I have started to gift is a bug bite itch relief thing. It works with heat signals – and more importantly it works. Our whole extended family has tried our device in Maine (where everybody gets bitten no matter how much bug spray they put on) and it really made mosquito bites stop itching.

8. A fancy gift basket

When I was younger, we would regularly bring gift baskets to my grandparents’ birthday parties. For some reason they seem to have come out of fashion since. But I actually like them because people consume the gift. I would opt for this or this gift basket.

9. Donate in their name

While you might have already everything, others do not. So a donation in their name might be more helpful and welcome than anything else. I personally like to support Oxfam, the ACLU, and our New York Public Library. And I am sure you also have a favorite charity to give money to.

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