Fünf Fragen am Fünften – February 2019

Since it is the 5th of February, it is time for more questions from Luzia Pimpinella‘s five-questions-each-month-project.

1. Which is your super power?

Sleeping. I strongly believe I have a great talent for sleeping. Not only do I usually fall asleep immediately, but I can also sleep anywhere and everyhwere. This is why I don’t mind so much taking the Monday morning 5 a.m. bus from New York City back to Boston because I just lean back and am very fast asleep again. Besides, I am a great napper. Oh, and I have quite a heavy sleep during which I don’t hear anything or anyone. Last year I took a nap in my boyfriend’s giant ancestral home – he looked for me everywhere and shouted my name, but I only heard him when he was literally shouting into my ear.

I have definitely inherited this power from my dad and my granddad. The only downside to it is that for all three of us the ideal sleeping amount would be nine and a half hours every night, and a one hour nap in the afternoon on top would be even better. Maybe we had a feline ancestor many generations ago?

Fünf Fragen am Fünften - February 2019 | janavar

2. What are things you can not throw out?

I am a very bad minimalist. I love to keep my things. I love all of my many clothes and shoes, my make-up and nail polish collection … I think though if I really had to decide, I would keep my favorite and most expensive purchases, like my one wonderful pair of Manolos. But things I would absolutely never throw away are heirlooms. My family, first expellees after World War 2 and then settling in Eastern Germany, was never financially well off so things were handed on. I have a TV stand from the 1960s and a wooden chest from the start of the 20th century for instance, as well as some plates and cutlery. None of those things is valuable with regard to money, but they mean a lot to me.

3. What are you looking forward to every day?

My shower, my first giant cup of tea and then my first coffee at work. Oh, and I love to wake up and first cuddle with Canavar before I get up. I also love my profession of a teacher and enjoy the vast majority of my lessons. Of course, I am also always looking forward to hearing from my boyfriend and texting him during the day. And, you might have guessed it from question 1, I am always looking forward to my next nap or going to sleep in the evening.

Fünf Fragen am Fünften - February 2019 | janavar

4. Which sound(s) do you like?

Definitely Canavar purring. This is the loveliest and most relaxing sound I can imagine. I also love when he meows. Besides, I listen to music all the time, but maybe that’s not meant by sound here. I really enjoy silence, too. I think that is because in my job the noise level is permanently high. I therefore cherish silence so much more. If you ever have the chance, enter a school during summer vacation and feel the pleasant hush.

5. What can always be found in your fridge?

I would say bread and cheese. These are my two basic foods. Besides, there are usually eggs and milk. Everything else depends on my taste when I go shopping. My fridge is also always overstuffed, but that could also be me not putting things away more orderly. And there is always chocolate. I tend to import so much chocolate from Europe that I store it in my fridge (saving them up for rainy days!).

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  1. THOSE EYES! Such a beautiful woman!
    I actually went back to my high school and walked along the corridors. There was only silence, because the kids were in the class rooms. Kind of strange – I didn’t remember it EVER being silent.

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