The Books I Read in January 2019

In January I only read fantasy books, seven in total. I had started to re-read all Harry Potter books at the end of last year and finished that at the start of this one. To make it short: I love the whole Harry Potter series. I enjoy plunging into the magic world again and again. The details are fabulous, the series is really well-composed. And I assume that by now everybody has read at least one book or seen a movie. For the first time I read the little book about Quidditch and it is just as good. I found it very entertaining to learn more about the history and rules of the most popular wizard game. I only wish Rowling would write more wizard novels.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter – but that doesn’t stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe’en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out. He will face death-defying tasks, dragons and Dark wizards, but with the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione, he might just make it through – alive!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Harry Potter is due to start his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His best friends Ron and Hermione have been very secretive all summer and he is desperate to get back to school and find out what has been going on. However, what Harry discovers is far more devastating than he could ever have expected…

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: When Dumbledore arrives at Privet Drive one summer night to collect Harry Potter, his wand hand is blackened and shrivelled, but he does not reveal why. Secrets and suspicion are spreading through the wizarding world, and Hogwarts itself is not safe. Harry is convinced that Malfoy bears the Dark Mark: there is a Death Eater amongst them. Harry will need powerful magic and true friends as he explores Voldemort’s darkest secrets, and Dumbledore prepares him to face his destiny …

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: As he climbs into the sidecar of Hagrid’s motorbike and takes to the skies, leaving Privet Drive for the last time, Harry Potter knows that Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters are not far behind. The protective charm that has kept Harry safe until now is broken, but he cannot keep hiding. The Dark Lord is breathing fear into everything Harry loves and to stop him Harry will have to find and destroy the remaining Horcruxes. The final battle must begin – Harry must stand and face his enemy …

Quidditch Through the Ages: Do you know why refereeing a Quidditch match was once a task for only the bravest witches and wizards, or how to tell a Transylvanian Tackle from a Woollongong Shimmy? In this enlightening and highly popular Hogwarts library book, Kennilworthy Whisp reveals the daring highs and dangerous lows of the glorious game of Quidditch.

Reign of Mist: The cruelty of the capital and the power-hungry King Arden have scattered Bleak and her companions across the continents. On the run in a foreign land, Bleak finds herself tied to some unexpected strangers. When the answers she yearns for are finally within reach, she must face the hard truths of her past, and take her fate into her own hands before it’s too late. Meanwhile, secrets and magic unravel as a dark power corrupts the realm. Bleak’s friends are forced to decide where their loyalties lie, and who, if anyone, they can trust. But one thing is certain: war is coming, and they must all be ready when it does. Intriguing and action-packed, Reign of Mist is the second instalment in Helen Scheuerer’s epic YA fantasy series, The Oremere Chronicles.

I read the first part of this trilogy last year and found it enthralling. I couldn’t wait to see how Bleak’s journey continues, esp. now that she tries not to drink any alcohol anymore. The chapters are told from different perspectives of the main characters which makes us learn much more about the different parts of that world where normal people are afraid of anyone with a magic gift like being able to read thoughts or to glimpse into the future. I loved the description of fantasy animals like Teerah Panthers and how they are used as important symbols to connect the world’s past with the protagonists. This is a book I couldn’t put away. It is very well composed and written and I absolutely recommend this series to you if you like fantasy literature.

The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaesia: A wanderer and a cursed child. Spells and magic. And dragons, of course. Welcome back to the world of Alagaësia.
It’s been a year since Eragon departed Alagaësia in search of the perfect home to train a new generation of Dragon Riders. Now he is struggling with an endless sea of tasks: constructing a vast dragonhold, wrangling with suppliers, guarding dragon eggs, and dealing with belligerent Urgals and haughty elves. Then a vision from the Eldunarí, unexpected visitors, and an exciting Urgal legend offer a much-needed distraction and a new perspective. This volume features three original stories set in Alagaësia, interspersed with scenes from Eragon’s own unfolding adventure. Included is an excerpt from the memoir of the unforgettable witch and fortune-teller Angela the herbalist . . . penned by Angela Paolini, the inspiration for the character, herself!

I saw this book by sheer chance when I went to browse in a bookshop (I actually try to avoid them as much as possible). And I couldn’t pass by this brandnew book by the author of Eragon – a series that I feel has never been enough acknowledged, esp. after they made the first book into a not so great movie. Anyway, this little book is set in the same world and I met all my favorite characters again. It is fun to read more about Eragon and his dragon Saphira after the big war and how they try to establish a new home for more dragons and their riders. Here I only find fault with that the stories themselves are too short. I want to read so much more about Alagaësia.

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