Fashion Inspiration: Love for Cats

I sometimes wonder what makes me a crazy cat lady? I mean, yes, I have Canavar, but he is only one cat. Granted, I might have more cats if he wasn’t so unsocial, but as it is he is the only cat in my life. Neither do I substitute Canavar for other personal relationships. Sometimes it is just more convenient to tell people of my cat instead of other personal details. Of course I love him to bits. Even after five and half years I could still watch him for hours because he is amazingly cute [here when he was still tiny and called Bodrum]. Then again all cats are cute since they have juvenile features. I have reached the conclusion that the concept of the crazy cat lady depends on the society we live in. In Turkey most families have cats or feed them on the street. Cats are kind of the national pet which is why nobody is seen as crazy because s/he’s a cat owner. In Boston instead there aren’t any street cats. Almost all people keep their pets inside, and we only meet when one of us takes their cat for a walk either on a leash or in a pet stroller. And as soon as you do any of these, other people label you as a crazy cat lady. I think though we take the cats out because it’s a nice change for them. Of course I would love to see more cats instead of mice and rats in the streets, but it doesn’t seem to be normal here. My assumption is that it must be dangerous for cats to be alone outside (and to be honest I’ve seen rats in Cambridge that are half the size of Canavar). To bring it back to the beginning: I don’t think I fit into the concept of a crazy cat lady. We should distinguish between millions of cat owners and lovers – and the weird label of a crazy cat lady. I mean nobody pigeonholes all dog owners as crazy dog people either.

By the way, once it’s warmer, I plan on pushing Canavar in his stroller because I’ve already met the sweetest neighbors who do the same with their cats. Otherwise, I show my big cat love by wearing cat prints every now and then – and there are so many nice cat themed clothes and accessories out there, don’t you think?

Top: cat print midi dress // cute cats wrist watch // cats print crop sweatshirt

Middle: cat pattern mini dress // finishing powder // cartoon cat skirt

Bottom: cat-shaped purse // pointed toe flats // cats print blouse

© janavar

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