Checking in: Back at Home, Plans for This Fall

Can I just start with how, at the same time, amazing and stressful the last two and a half months were? It feels like an endless travel trip. First we spent three and a half weeks in Maine, got home for one and a half weeks, flew to Germany for two and a half weeks, returned for one week, before going to Florida for a long weekend.

Checking in: Back at Home, Plans for This Fall
On the ferry from Denmark to Germany

We have been home now for a whole week – and at this point I just love this. I never thought I would say this, but I feel a bit ‘traveled out’. For now we have no travel plans until Thanksgiving and then we will only go to Boston for a few days.

Staying at home means we finally find back into our routines, which is mostly important for Josephine, who has reached so many new developmental milestones recently: She crawls, she pulls herself up to stand, she waves at people, she claps when excited, … While I am writing this post, Josephine is sitting on the floor next to my chair and explores it, while also chattering to me a lot.

Checking in: Back at Home, Plans for This Fall
In Florida

I am also excited to just be at home and do everyday things. Like watching my favorite cook show on German TV, snuggling with the cats, or baking and cooking in our own kitchen. I finally have restarted to go swimming at least once per week (ideally twice) in the City’s recreation center closest to us. Not very exciting activities, but it really is nice to rest a little at home.

These are the things we have planned for the next few weeks at home:

  • a fall photo shoot in Central Park (hopefully we will also have our Christmas card photo taken then)

  • dress Josephine up for Halloween and take her trick or treating for her very first time (actually mine, too)

  • a little party with friends

  • take the cats to their vet checkups

  • have Josephine vaccinated against Covid and the flu (so far she has had the first dose of each)

  • unpack the very last moving box (full of books) after we cleaned our big closet yesterday and put up the last paintings

Checking in: Back at Home, Plans for This Fall
Arti and Lotti are so happy we are back at home

I hope you have been well and enjoy fall to the fullest!

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