Our First Trip to Germany Since 2019

It has taken three years, but we are finally flying to Germany today. Well, we are actually flying from Newark to Copenhagen because that was the most convenient flight. But then we immediately travel on to Germany.

3 years ago:

  • Rich still had short hair
  • we were not married (or even engaged)
  • Covid didn’t exist
  • Canavar was still alive, while Arti and Lotti weren’t born yet
  • Trump was still president
  • I still worked as a teacher and we had to plan our trip times much more thoroughly
  • Josephine wasn’t born yet
  • we still lived on Lexington Avenue and didn’t even consider buying an apartment
  • Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine

While we traveled a little bit in the last three years, it was only within the U.S. Like I haven’t left this country at all since we returned from Germany in October 2019. We went to Maine, Florida and Boston. Moreover, I went on a road trip to Vermont last fall.

My Travel Issues

The problem with traveling abroad was, obviously, Covid. Even when I wanted to go and see my parents for Christmas 2020, I couldn’t because the rules were so strict. At the time tourists from abroad were not allowed to stay in a hotel in my state of Germany and I wanted to protect my family. Then, in 2021 we applied for my Green Card and I didn’t obtain my travel permit until December. By that time I was ‘too’ pregnant to board an international flight.


So now is finally my time to travel to Germany. Together with Rich and Josephine. I am so excited. During the two and a half weeks that Josephine and I stay there (Rich, sadly, has to fly back after the first week), I want to eat my weight in döner, fish sandwiches and Christmas chocolates. I want Josephine to meet her grandparents and her great-grandmother as well my two best friends from school.

When I tried to pack yesterday …

I have been very good about packing this time. Josephine’s and my clothes all fit into one carry-on, whereas the big suitcase is full with small gifts (including one giveaway that you can find on my Instagram) and two big travel bags. That way we can bring a lot of things back home. I mean I so want to go shopping in Germany. The drugstores, the clothing stores, the chocolates … I am also aware that my parents already have toys for Josephine to play with and then take home.

I am curious to see what Germany is like now. I mean I haven’t lived there since 2010, but I used to visit regularly. Three years is a long time, esp. considering that our last visit was pre-Covid.

Arti and Lotti tried to pack themselves

Besides being super excited, I am also a little panicking because it is the first time we are flying with a baby. The trip itself takes almost 24 hours, mostly because it takes that long to get from the (or really any) airport to my parents. I have also read a lot of stories about lost luggage this year. But overall my excitement is winning. I can’t wait to depart already …

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