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Reading is one of my favorite activities. Over the last few years, I have always read about 70 years annually. I have also realized that I tend to read mainly books that are easy to read for me, i.e. I love fantasy novels for instance and read a lot of that genre. Obviously, apps like my public library one and Kindle Unlimited know my reading preferences and suggest mainly novels they know I’ll like. So this year I want to try a slightly different approach and challenge myself a little more. I couldn’t find a reading challenge online that I felt totally drawn to, so I have come up with my own ideas.

Book Challenge 2019 | janavar

In 2019 I want to read a book:

  • that takes place in a country I haven’t lived in
  • about a historic event
  • about science and technology
  • about new economic ideas
  • that is older than 100 years and that I don’t have to read for work
  • by an author of color
  • by a Novel laureate in Literature
  • made into a movie or series
  • about an ethic issue
  • recommended by my students
  • a classic play that I don’t have to read for work
  • about politics
  • memoir
  • by a feminist writer
  • in a language other than German or English
  • short story or essay collection
  • about nature or the environment
  • by an indigenous author
  • by an author whose writing style I don’t enjoy
  • that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
  • published in 2019

I think these twenty-one objectives will bring a bit more variety to my reading. Hopefully, they also help me to reduce my TBR pile. Even though I try to avoid buying more books, I don’t always succeed. And there are quite a few books that have been on my shelves for years, waiting to be read. I would also be okay with reading less books if my selection challenges my brain a little more.

Do you have any reading goals for 2019?

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