And then I suddenly stopped blogging. And reading blogs. There were so many other things going on that I couldn’t concentrate on my oldest hobby. For a while I didn’t even miss blogging. There wasn’t any time and I felt it was more important to make use of everything happening in the real world (as opposed to the online world). I worked so much. I went on class trips and professional developments, e.g. to Washington D.C. I took the night train back from Washington D.C. to Boston, which had been on my bucket list for a long time. I I had friends coming to stay with me for several days at a time. I started dating a wonderful man and since we’ve become an official couple. I found a new apartment, which I am going to move into at the end of this month. It is a studio just for Canavar and me, and it is still in Cambridge, about 15 minutes from my current apartment. Thus, I have also spent quite some time going through my things, decluttering, and packing boxes.

Life has been really good to me, I just didn’t find the time and leisure for blogging.

But now I am itching to write again. And to shoot photos. I really miss sitting at my laptop and preparing blog posts; to edit photos and write texts; to reflect on my life regularly and sober-minded.

It is exactly another four weeks before summer vacation begins and I am going to move. These weeks are going to be both exciting and demanding. I hope you’re also back to follow my journey.

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  1. Hey, you visited my blog. That made me aware of your blog. I’ll take a look around here and maybe I’ll become a regular reader.

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