I recently haven’t blogged as much as I announced. My year so far has been a little chaotic – or let’s say it had some start-up difficulties. While I was hoping for everything to stay as it was in the new year, life thought differently. During the first week of January I learned that financial mistakes were made (with my money) – and so ever since I dealt with a few problems. I was about to leave my job and the U.S. behind, take my cat and likely move back to Europe (not that I wanted to, but it couldn’t think of many options). But then I received unexpected support and started fighting. Long story short, I am now certain that I’m going to stay in Boston and everything else has also turned out fine. I kind of think that the year cannot throw more at me because these first seven weeks were incredibly exhausting.

Therefore I declare a second start for 2018 and me, one that is smooth sailing, without any hiccups for a while *knocking on wood*. So cheers to 2018.2!

Fortunately, winter break has also started today so that I have got a full week to relax. Although I at first wanted to travel, I eventually decided to stay at home. The weather forecast predicts up to 20 °C during the week so there isn’t any need to travel south at all. I’ll do all the things I didn’t have time for during the last weeks, like meeting my friends for coffee or just cleaning out my part of the fridge. There are also many movies in the cinema that I want to watch. Tonight I finally saw “The Death Cure”, but there are also “Black Panther”, “Early Man”, and “Phantom Thread” waiting for me. Besides, I have purchased ten kickboxing classes because I really want to try that sport. I think vacation is the best time to try something new. So if I don’t blog again it is probably because I won’t be able to move for two days after my first class 😀

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  1. Hey Jana, wie geht es dir? Lange nichts mehr von dir gelesen, ich hoffe dir geht’s gut und du genießt den Frühling (wenn er schon bei euch angekommen ist :)). Liebe Grüße Lisa

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