My August 2017 Goals

July was the first month which I accomplished all my goals in. That makes me wonder if I set myself too easy objectives or if I have improved in meeting them. I am going to examine this further in August.

In August I want to:

  • start exercising three times a week;
  • tidy my desk and my bookshelves;
  • try to set up my ancient nettop because I could maybe leave it in school instead of carrying my laptop back and forth every day;
  • learn how to fill my car tires with air;
  • going outside to shoot photos at least once a week;
  • buy no cosmetics, no clothes, and no books;
  • knit a scarf;
  • consider what I want to do in fall break;
  • book my flight to Germany for Christmas;
  • start well into the new school year;
  • take a daily walk even once school has started.

In July I wanted to:

  • have a great housewarming party for and with my roommate √ – We finally had our party, and it was great fun;
  • sort out my car insurance √ – It took some time, but it’s all good now: I’ve still got my insurance, it is actually cheaper than originally, and eventually I paid the last bill;
  • request my absentee ballot for the German election in fall √ – To be honest, the letter is on my desk, but tomorrow I’m definitely taking it to the post office;
  • have the cigarette lighter in my car repaired √ – I am so glad I had that done, esp. since it was only $10;
  • organize a few things for the coming school year, but really only a few √ – very very few …;
  • eat from my provisions √ – I have almost finished all my pasta and mashed potato flakes;
  • go on at least one road trip: I am definitely going to the Niagara Falls and Toronto, but I might take either one big trip including other destinations or several small trips √ – I went there and still have to blog about it.

What are your goals for August?

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