My April 2017 Goals

It wasn’t for lack of trying, but March really went down like a lead balloon. That was mainly for two things: First, we have had one snow storm after another. It is actually snowing right now. There also is a winter strom warning in effect until tomorrow afternoon. Second, I have spent the whole week at home or at the doctor’s. What my doctor and I thought was another sinus infection (plus a middle ear infection) actually doesn’t seem to be one. Now I’ve got more appointments to find out the actual problem. Not so cool. At least my sense of hearing is almost back to normal. I might even be able to work again from Monday on.

Of course not the whole of March was horrible – I spent last weekend in warm Atlanta for instance – but I didn’t manage to fulfill any of my monthly goals. Therefore, even though I seem to repeat myself: I hope that the new month will be a really good one.

My goals for April are:

  • no food shopping unless it is something that I don’t have any substitute for;
  • no online shopping unless it is something I’d die without 😉 ;
  • really find a new roommate – it’s about time;
  • enjoy my two weeks on the beach in the Dominican Republic – I’m leaving in a week and can’t wait;
  • exercise more – that should be possible during my vacation because the hotel has a gym, I only need to feel good;
  • start decluttering my wardrobe and try to sell some pieces online;
  • as well as some beauty products;
  • really start making plans for the summer;
  • throw away the disgusting carpet from my room because vacuum cleaning doesn’t seem to work there.

Oh, and of course I plan on blogging more again. I’m going to take my laptop with me on vacation anyways because I didn’t get any work done this week. I originally didn’t want to pack it, but I’ve lost too much time on several tasks. Naturally, I’m also going to take my camera with me so I should be able to present more spring and summer posts in April. I really can’t wait.

What are your plans for April?

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