10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I am always cold. It doesn’t really matter what season it is. Especially my hands and feet are freezing at all times. My boyfriend appreciates this much more in summer though than in winter.

2. I am a fast worker, but I need regular breaks. My ideal work day includes a few hours of work in the morning, lunch, a one to two hour nap afterwords, and then some more work. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any job or profession that would enable me this perfect day (at least not in this country).

3. It drives me crazy when the light remains on in an empty room. I guess this is how I grew up, with my parents constantly reminding me. But it really drives me nuts when someone doesn’t switch the light off when leaving a room.

4. I still send postcards from every vacation we go on. Only nowadays I use an app (MyPostcard) because I enjoy choosing from my own photos. The cards also arrive a lot faster.

5. I still question the existence of checks. I have lived in the U.S. for almost five years, but I still don’t understand why people use checks. All the time. I know that they once existed in Europe, too, but were abolished. I’d rather have a great (read simple!) transfer system between banks (eh, just like in Europe). Instead there are checks. And different apps for different purposes. And it is not easy to transfer money between bank accounts at all.

6. I always wanted to live abroad. When I grew up, I first claimed I would move to Australia once I was an adult. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been there. Later on I thought about Denmark – where I did an internship during university – and Ireland – more internships and a year of Erasmus. But in 2010 I got such a good job offer that I moved to Istanbul instead.

7. I am not great at organizing documents. Paper documents in particular. The only place with perfect order are my computer and my external hard disk drives. I have the best system for all my photos: they are arranged by year, month and even day/event. 

8. As a teenager I was a giant Kelly Family fan. Oh yes. I had all their CDs. I cut out articles about them from magazines and collected them. I wore fan T-shirts. I grew my hair extra long. Did I mention that I was not considered one of the cool kids?!

9. I sometimes play League of Legends. I only got to know this online game because my boyfriend plays it regularly. But every now and then I also enjoy fighting monsters. I don’t participate in any game chats though, particularly since I figured out that some students I teach also play LoL – and you just never know who you play with or against.

10. I hate touching cork. To me it is one of the worst sensations. Absolutely disgusting. I just avoid it. By the way, I also don’t like touching sanded natural wood and styrofoam. But cork is the worst.

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  1. First point – Same here! Especially since I have moved to the US this year:) …I always wear several layers in the office!

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