What I Miss and Don’t Miss RN, and What I Will Miss and Won’t Miss Once Coronavirus Is Over

This week I am just not feeling it. Whereas I got plenty of things done last week, everthing feels arduous now. I have to force myself to sit down and get work done. Every little thing distracts me. Oh, and I am sooo tired. Basically, I am tired from waking up between 6.30 and 7 a.m. right until I go to bed. And then I lie awake for a bit. I have started to read once I’m in bed because that makes me fall asleep eventually. Counting numbers in Turkish (alternatively in Danish, French or Chinese) back from 100 also helps, but isn’t that interesting anymore after several nights.

I assume most of us have days that drag on forever. Only I don’t talk to many people at the moment. All those video calls with my classes tire me. And not that many things happen to talk about. What would I say? Yes, we are well. Yes, the cat is well. Yes, we stay at home most of the time. Oh, I tried another sourdough bread recipe. Yes, of course I’ll share it with you. No no, we still haven’t had the urge to clean the windows. No, we don’t have any plans for tomorrow or the weekend or next week.

What I Miss and Don’t Miss RN, and What I Will Miss and Won’t Miss Once Coronavirus Is Over - janavar

For now my daily walks are still the most exciting thing. I even realize that my mood improves by a lot when I stroll around the City. I am also writing more lists these days. Sometimes they help me to work through the tasks – other times they make me only aware of how many more tasks there are.

And then there are all those lists in my head about things I miss or don’t miss, and the ones I will miss and won’t miss once Coronavirus is over.

Things I Miss During Coronavirus Times

  1. Seeing my friends and colleagues and students in real life
  2. Going to my hairdresser
  3. Using my cinema subscription and watching new movies all the time
  4. Eating out in restaurants
  5. Wearing lipstick when I am outside
  6. All those other cultural offers like plays, musicals, operas …
  7. Traveling

Things I Do Not Miss During Coronavirus Times

  1. My about 2.5 hours work commute every day
  2. All those crowds of people everywhere in Midtown
  3. All that small talk with people I don’t really have anything to say to
  4. Overcrowded public transport
  5. My bras
  6. Saying yes to some event when I really want to say no, but know that I should socialize
  7. Spending so much money for my commuter rail ticket, eating out, having drinks in a bar, etc.

What I Miss and Don’t Miss RN, and What I Will Miss and Won’t Miss Once Coronavirus Is Over - janavar

Things I Will Miss Once Coronavirus is Over

  1. Spending seemingly endless amounts of time with Canavar and Rich
  2. My daily walks through the City
  3. Takout cocktails (I really hope they will keep this though)
  4. Getting more sleep
  5. The quiet and the clean air in the City
  6. That my gym is closed and I, unfortunately, can’t go and exercise there (yup, like so so sad)
  7. All that time to create things, i.e. cooking, baking, needlecraft, photography, blogging, …

Things I Will Not Miss Once Coronavirus is Over

  1. Wearing a mask and constantly washing hands
  2. Lining up in front of supermarkets
  3. Having to think every day about what to eat for the next meal (I use to get lunch for free at school)
  4. Slow mail delivery
  5. Empty supermarket shelves
  6. Everyone’s fear to catch the virus
  7. Trump’s ideas about how to solve the crisis and how to not catch Covid

What is on your lists?

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