Welcome to Miami

Southbeach bringin’ the heat
haha can y’all feel that
can y’all feel that
jig it out

here I am in the place where I come let go
Miami the base and the sunset glow
everyday like a Mardi Gras, everybody party all day
no work all play, okay”

My friend and I have been in Miami Beach since yesterday evening, and it honestly is like paradise. Ok, last night many people looked a little tacky, but in daylight everybody is pretty normal (I mean more or less, if you count pushing your dog in a stroller as normal). We spent a lot of time at the beach today, and after all those weeks of bad weather in Boston (they got some new snow today) it is so relaxing to lie in the hot sun and look at turquoise water. I even went swimming once. I can’t wait to go to the Keys on Monday either. Also check my Instagram janavar_net if you want to see what I am up to these days.
Have a great weekend!

Welcome to Miami
There are many colorful huts for the lifeguards on South Beach.
Welcome to Miami
I love my new bikini from American Eagle.
Welcome to Miami
Palms – it’s all I have to see to get that vacation feeling.
Welcome to Miami
Despite having seen photos, I didn’t really expect the water to be that clear and turquoise.
Welcome to Miami
This is a US post office.
Welcome to Miami
The roads are pretty wide, but not very busy.
Welcome to Miami
Coffee makes me happy, too.
Welcome to Miami
This is called the Spanish Street, there are many cute restaurants. We definitely want to try some Cuban restaurants, which Miami seems to be famous for.

And here is the video of Will Smith’ “Miami” song (from 1997 – I told you the 1990s make a comeback this year, didn’t I?!) 🙂

© janavar

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7 thoughts on “Welcome to Miami”

  1. A propos: “dogs in a stroller” – ich hab in Bari eine Frau gesehen, die hatte ihren (armen) Hund bei 25° und knallender Sonne in Klamotten verpackt und ihm sogar Schuhe angezogen… o.O Verrückt.
    Wie dem auch sei: Genieß’ es 🙂 LG

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