Week in review: 6 – 12 December 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … Our Christmas cards that we had created last weekend arrived this week and we immediately sent them out to family and friends. Better late than never … Although I have a feeling that at least letter delivery to Europe is faster than it was a year ago.

We also finally went and picked out a Christmas tree. Of course, there is also a Christmas tree shortage this year and trees have become super expensive. In the end we chose a small tree (ca. 1.70 m high) and still paid $100. At home we then cat-proofed the tree by tying it to the wall. While we love our cats, we don’t trust them to not knock over the tree. And they are very curious and play with the lower branches. But the tree is decorated (this year in red and gold) and we are super happy. Now all Christmas decorations are actually up. Only, because our apartment is so big, it doesn’t look like much anymore, ha ha.

Else, we are enjoying Christmas in the City with all the lights and holiday markets. It was worth though to avoid Santacon on Saturday as much as possible because the City was packed.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, Lost in Space, Hallmark Christmas movies, And Just Like That

|Read| Aru Shah and the End of Time, The Island of Missing Trees

|Listened to| Christmas songs

|Done| continued my training on Coursera, had another pregnancy check-up, did many household things at home, we met Rich’s college friend on Saturday evening for dinner, on Sunday we bought and decorated our Christmas tree

|Eaten| sandwiches, chili, Christmas brownies, fried scrod, Korean BBQ, gingerbread Dutch baby, Christmas chocolates, a pickle special on the Bryant Park holiday market

|Drunk| water, coffee, herbal tea

|Thought| oh no, I am not sure that I like the sequel of SATC

|Been happy| about our Christmas tree; about a decision that had been long in the making, but I hadn’t yet communicated; that my Christmas cactus is blooming for the first time since I bought it about 4 years ago

|Laughed| Lotti apparently has one favorite box that she sits in for long times every single day

|Desired| all the things from my Christmas 2021 wish list, of course:

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|Bought| food, possibly a sequin dress (hoping it will fit), stamps

|Clicked| to me this is living in the best of two worlds as an immigrant – I am so happy they passed this: New York City Gives 800,000 Noncitizens Right to Vote in Local Elections; what else is there to say, except that I will buy several of these when our girl is old enough: Dinosaur Gifts for Children; they don’t do anything do improve a teacher’s job here and then wonder about the implications (the article is excellent – it shows the perspective of desperate teachers and desperate parents): Schools Are Closing Classrooms on Fridays. Parents Are Furious; this year I want to try to make gingerbread: Elisen Lebkuchen vom Blech – sehr saftig, ohne Mehl und super einfach

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