Week in review: 3 – 9 January 2022

This week it finally snowed properly in New York City for the first time this season. We got a bit more than 10 cm of snow on Friday and I was super excited. So far it has predictably snowed every winter in the City since I have been here. As this was only a bit of snow, my theory is that much more will come just when we are ready to give birth.

Although I myself feel ready now. Now at 35.5 weeks of pregnancy, my body is mostly uncomfortable and in pain. There are days when moving is super hard and I can’t do simple things easily like getting down on the floor to pick something up. Even putting on socks becomes more and more difficult.

On the positive side, I believe we are done setting everything up for the baby. The crib is in our bedroom, we have washed all her clothes and sorted them, we assembled the pram, … I also think we have all the important pieces we need in the beginning. All that is left now is to pack the hospital bag and to wait. Yeah, have I ever mentioned how much I hate waiting? Or being uncomfortable or in pain?! This is going to be an extremely long January …

|Watched| The Wheel of Time, Küchenschlacht, The Matrix Resurrections

|Read| several magazines, Consider the Fork, Our Violent Ends

|Listened to| the soundtrack of musical “Six”

|Done| had another pregnancy checkup, slept a lot, cleaned the apartment, started to fill in my blog planner, we set up pretty much everything for the baby, went to the movies on Saturday

|Eaten| sweet potato, kale and lentil dish; yayla corbasi; beef rendang; Chinese takeout; cherry cake

|Drunk| water, coffee, lemon tea, hot chocolate

|Thought| I think I am ready for the baby to come – my body now is just uncomfortable and in pain all the time

|Been happy| that we got so many things done

|Laughed| how much Arti and Lotti love all the baby things

|Desired| less pain, more snow

|Bought| a stroller, pacifiers, swaddles

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a few things I bought this and last week:

|Clicked| l love to read about new beauty trends: The Biggest Beauty Trends To Try in 2022; I enjoyed reading this: A Guide to Quitting Your Job and Switching Careers in 2022; exactly my thoughts: Middle Age Doesn’t Happen ‘Just Like That’

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