Week in review: 29 November – 5 December 2021

We have fully started the Christmas season this week. On Thursday we went to see the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall and admired the Rockefeller Christmas Tree right around the corner. We have also finally taken Christmas card photos and ordered the cards. And we have contemplated what size of tree we should get and how we protect it best from the cats. While our apartment has those amazing high ceilings, a 3m tree might not be a good choice with both of our cat ladies being super curious and probably jumping into the tree.

It is not only Christmas time, but also Hanukah. Last night we went over to our friends who threw a latke party. Having grown up in Germany, I still have much to learn about Jewish culture. Then again, latke – or patato pancakes – feel pretty European to me. Today then I learned that going to bed after midnight takes its toll. I haven’t managed to wake up properly. I can only hope that my energy level increase a bit once I have given birth …

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Great British Baking Show – The Christmas Special, The Wheel of Time, The Witcher, Lost in Space

|Read| The Overdue Life of Amy Byler, German Christmas Cookbook, Aru Shah and the End of Time

|Listened to| Christmas songs

|Done| continued my training on Coursera, enjoyed a pleasant Thursday with Rich with brunch at Balthazar and the Christmas Spectacular show in the evening, went to friends’ Hanukah latke party on Saturday

|Eaten| bagels, tavuk gögsü, miso chicken soup, pear kale salad, lots of mandarines, potato pancakes

|Drunk| water, coffee, non-alcoholic beer, herbal tea

|Thought| oh no, I think I ordered Rich’s main Christmas gift a little too late … I hope it arrives before his birthday in April

|Been happy| everything seems to slowly fall into place

|Laughed| during the Christmas Spectacular show a little girl in the row behind us got super excited when during one of the performances more and more Santas entered the stage – it was so cute and also funny

|Desired| all the things from my Christmas 2021 wish list, of course:

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|Bought| some Trader Joe’s seasonal products to try, exciting things like cat litter and pillows (because of the Cyber Monday sale)

|Clicked| this looks like a good list: 10 Books To Read if You Want To Improve Yourself; of all the shortages, this might be one of the most serious ones: How a Cream Cheese Shortage Is Affecting N.Y.C. Bagel Shops

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