Week in review: 28 November – 4 December 2022

This week in 10 questions:

  1. Why are the elevators in the NYC subway constantly broken?
  2. When will Josephine finally get that annoying new tooth that makes her so fussy?
  3. Why did the male Germany national soccer team play so poorly in the world championship?
  4. Will Germany really pass a law making it easier to have dual citizenship – and will that also apply to Germans living abroad?
  5. How do our doormen deal with so many packages all at the same time?
  6. Will Arti eat her new blood thinning medicine?
  7. Where can we go so that Josephine meets Santa?
  8. Do I possibly already have all Christmas gifts?
  9. When did Josephine start loving so many foods that we get to eat less of them (thinking of those tasty raspberries right now)?
  10. Why are there so many tourists in the City?

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, soccer

|Read| Friesenklinik, Friesenauge, Friesenlohn, Friesennacht

|Listened to| Christmas music and my annual Spotify review

|Done| flew back home with Josephine on Monday, decorated the apartment for Christmas, watched a lot of soccer, we walked on 5th Avenue today as it was closed for cars, spent time with Rich’s uncle who is in town, we took Arti to a vet checkup

|Eaten| quiche, sandwiches, steak, Indian takeout, the first Christmas cookies

|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine, hot chocolate

|Thought| New York at Christmas time is just the most magical

|Been happy| when we had all settled back in at home

|Laughed| about so many things with Josephine because, from her perspective, life seems endlessly funny

|Desired| a little more sleep for myself (I often have problems going back to sleep after feeding Josephine at night)

|Bought| a few Christmas gifts

|Clicked| I enjoyed this: Influencing Is The Dream Job — But Is It Really Worth It?; I use them every single month: Free, Downloadable Tech Backgrounds for December 2022!; this gave me a few ideas of how to introduce Santa to Josephine: I Wish I Would’ve Handled Santa Differently With My Kids—Here’s Why

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