My Christmas 2022 Wish List

I thought I’d never say this, but this year I have actually found it a little hard to come up with things that make it onto my Christmas 2022 Wish List. I can only assume that that is because I focus so much on Josephine these days. Is this why my parents have always told me that they “don’t want anything, just good health”? Am I turning into my parents? Oh boy. Luckily, there are a few things I would still love to have.

Funny enough, a lot of things from my Christmas 2022 wish list are kitchen and dining accessories: I would love to have raclette grill because, when I was a child, we would always use it on New Year’s Eve. Recently, I have seen a stall in Bryant Park selling raclette food – it is so expensive when you eat it on a holiday market. Next on my list is a Bundt pan, mostly because I don’t have one. I really like the Nordic Ware ones, either in the original or the Fleur de Lis edition. Lastly, we need new glasses. We have slowly broken several (esp. wine) glasses, and I think a general upgrade might be nice. I would love to have stemless wine glasses and also every day drinking glasses like these or these – just in a slightly fancier shape.

I have wanted the Dr. Martens Leonore Chelsea boots forever. They are just a little pricier, which is why I haven’t purchased them myself. I am still hoping for Santa to finally give them to me … Maybe just to immediately pair them with a sequins skirt. I have recently seen a lot of them and think they are fabulous. I want one!

We recently realized that there were two books missing from my “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” box set. I can only guess that they got lost during my many many moves. So I would love to have a new book box set because, to me, this is one of the sets I want to own as a paper copy.

Last, but definitely not least, one could make me immensely happy by gifting me a big jar full of pickled eggs. I love pickles and pickled eggs. LOVE. The Glazier’s ones are my absolute favorites. I buy them every summer in the little town store in Maine. A whole jar might even last for more than a month …

My Christmas 2022 Wish List

Hamilton Beach raclette grill | Nordic Ware original Bundt pan | Nordic Ware Fleur de Lis Bundt pan | sequins skirt | Dr. Marten’s Leonore Chelsea boots | Tolkien “The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings” book box set | Libbey Hammered Base All-Purpose Stemless Wine Glass Set | Libbey Lava Tumbler Glasses | Libbey Cabos Tumbler and Rocks Glass Set | Glazier’s Pickled Eggs (1 gallon)

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