Week in review: 25 – 31 July 2016

I’ve been in Turkey now for almost four weeks. This is quite a long time, especially considering that I have seven weeks of summer vacation in total. It struck me this week that this trip is a little like living in the past. I lived in Turkey for five years, and I decided on my own to leave. I haven’t regretted my decision, although I missed Turkey a lot. But I wanted to go and every time I read the news I am glad I did. Now that I am back, I have started to wonder why. Is it because it is easier to go back to places we already know? Alright, I did go to cities I hadn’t been to before – but that trip took less than a week. But generally speaking, I know the country, no matter which city I go to. I know the people, the politics. Having lived here for some time and having immersed in the culture so much, most things are pretty predictable to me. That as such is not a bad thing, but some stuff just bores me, like the way Turkish men chat me up, merchants try to sell their goods, taxi drivers think they can ask for horrendous prices just because I am a foreigner …

This week I realized for the first time that Boston is my home now. I miss my apartment, the cat, my friends. And I kind of wish I didn’t stay away for so many weeks. Also, most friends I had in Turkey have left the country, too. It is great to love a place, a country. But it is much better to love living beings. To sleep with Canavar on my legs, to talk to my roommate, to meet my friends regularly. Maybe I had to come back to Turkey to learn this. The country will always be in my heart, but I also want to explore new places and spend time with the people I love. It is time to look forward because the past is done anyways – and so I am happily looking forward to finally going home in two weeks. It is time.

|Watched| nothing
|Read| The one plus one, Und wer macht den Abwasch?, The Carravagio Conspiracy, The Bosch Deception
|Listened to| my Spotify playlists
|Done| spent most of my time on the beach, went on a day trip to Samos
|Eaten| as much Turkish food as possible 🙂
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine, coke
|Thought| Boston is home now. Really.
|Been happy| looking at the sea I’m always happy
|Laughed| a little
|Desired| to go home
|Bought| a flight ticket to Istanbul, some Korres products when I was in Greece
|Clicked| mostly websites concerning my flights during the next two weeks



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1 thought on “Week in review: 25 – 31 July 2016”

  1. It’s like with any bygone loves. After some time we can see them as they really are and, finally, move on. 😉

    It’s wonderful that you feel at home in Boston.

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