Week in review: 2 – 8 May 2016

What I have learned this week that you always have to be careful no matter what. I experienced this physically on Thursday: it had been raining for days, it was cold, I even put on my winter sweaters once more. Every day was just grey, and our moods turned grim. By Thursday noon I felt pretty low, my mind was occupied with too many things – and then my left middle finger got caught in a heavy door of our staffroom. It didn’t only hurt, but also started bleeding so I immediately went to the nurse – I really support school’s having their own nurse. She patched me up, and after work I immediately went to bed (it’s a pretty safe place). But even now my finger still looks very bruised, although it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.

I noticed that stupid things always seem to happen when I don’t concentrate properly. This is also why I think multitasking isn’t effective at all. Unless you count listening to music and taking a walk at the same time. But I also really need good weather. This last week has been more like winter than spring. Only it is the beginning of May, and not December. It is very disappointing. I can only hope that next week both the weather and my mood will improve. Also I can’t really afford “losing” another finger.

|Watched| Game of Thrones, Germany’s Next Top Model, We are your friends, Türkisch für Anfänger, Captain America: Civil War
|Read| The Seventh Cross, Leutnant Gustl, The Throne of Fire, The Serpent’s Shadow, A woman loved
|Listened to| EDM
|Done| worked, worked, and eh worked; been to the hairdresser and the movies
|Eaten| kebab, pancakes, sandwiches, pizza
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine
|Thought| Turkey this summer, for sure
|Been happy| when I won a gala ticket for next weekend
|Laughed| when watching “Captain America” for instance
|Desired| some more free time
|Bought| nothing special
|Clicked| I’m still looking for a flight from Europe back to Boston in August

© janavar

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3 thoughts on “Week in review: 2 – 8 May 2016”

  1. Sehr wahr! Meistens hat es gar nichts damit zu tun, dass ein doofer Tag nur noch schlechter wird oder irgendwelche seltsamen Schwingungen um einen herum sind. Meistens ist man an solchen Tagen nur gedanklich so bei anderen Dingen, dass man sich dann erst recht verletzt etc.
    Na ja, solche Tage und Phasen gibt es, zum Glück gehen die auch wieder vorbei. 😉

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