Week in review: 18 – 24 April 2022

We slowly set up new routines – only to be always surprised with a new growth spurt as soon as we feel we have settled a bit. This week we had several nights where Josephine suddenly woke us up three or four times instead of the usual two. At least I am feeling pretty recovered from my recent, second Covid infection. That makes things much easier. It also meant we got a few things done like going to Josephine’s appointment for her U.S. passport. With a bit of luck we will receive it in two to three months. That is such a huge step towards traveling abroad. I really can’t wait. Like traveling to Europe would be so amazing, esp. since I last went in October 2019.

|Watched| Küchenschlacht, The Batman, The Return of the King, Dinosaurs

|Read| Inselstille, Enna Andersen und der falsche Täter, Grünes Grab, Ausgerechnet Sylt, The burning maze, Cleopatra’s dagger

|Listened to| soundtrack of “Six”, lots of kids’ songs

|Done| recovered more from Covid, looked after the baby, worked a little, we applied for Josephine’s U.S. passport, we went to our friends’ birthday party on Saturday

|Eaten| sandwiches, pizza, cake, soups

|Drunk| water, coffee, cherry coke

|Thought| everything takes a little longer with a baby

|Been happy| absolutely

|Laughed| about Lotti trying so hard to attract Rich’s attention

|Desired| my Christmas present finally

|Bought| I ordered a steam mop and a few clothes

|Clicked| not much because Bloglovin’ (my feedreader was down for most of the week)

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