Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos

Happy Easter 2022 to all of you who are celebrating!

This photo is from a photoshoot I did with Josephine on Roosevelt Island a few weeks ago. The bunny suit felt perfect for a few Easter pictures, which I later on printed and sent out as Easter cards. During the shoot we, or mostly I, had to escape from a few wild geese. They were a little too curious and came a little too close.

Besides, a woman stopped by to say: “Oh, I thought you had a real baby there, but it is a doll.” To which I replied: “No, no, it is a real baby.” While Josephine didn’t really open her eyes for photos at the time, she fit wonderfully in the little basket and held still. Now she is already bigger and the bunny suit is too small (see photos below).

Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos | janavar

Our Easter 2022 unfortunately did not turn out as planned at all. On Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. Even though the home Covid test I took was negative, I had an inkling and went to the closest test center to take a PCR test. Well, it turned out I was really Covid positive. Again. To me that has been incredibly frustrating, esp. since I tried everything to protect myself as well as possible [read here].

Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos | janavar

We were lucky that both Rich and Josephine tested negative twice. But it meant that I mostly quarantined alone in our bedroom. Whenever I nursed Josephine (yes, that was still recommended so that she immediately gets even more antibodies – well, and because she needs food), I had to wear a big mask. I also felt lousy and spent most of my time in bed. Today is actually the first day that I feel better. The sore throat is gone and I seem to have more energy in total. Fingers crossed that I am out of the woods.

Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos | janavar

While Easter therefore turned out very different (we had actually planned to visit Rich’s relatives in Connecticut), it was still okay in the end: I got a lot of baby snuggles. And the cats kept me company in bed, while I watched a few great Hallmark mysteries. A few weeks ago I had already bought Easter chocolates in Lidl that we indulged in. This morning I gave a stuffed animal to Josephine – an otter that makes soothing noise and movements, and we think she really likes it. And, of course, we put her into cute Easter clothes and I got to take a few photos.

Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos | janavar

Now I hope to recover quickly from my second Covid infection. And next year our Easter will be much more active I guess. Then Josephine will be able to look for and eat Easter eggs. That is definitely something to look forward to.

Happy Easter 2022 & a Few Baby Photos | janavar

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