Week in review: 13 – 19 September 2021

The absolute low this week was when I was in the bathroom and suddenly found a giant cockroach crawling on the floor. It must have fallen out of the ceiling vent. While I screamed for help from superhero Rich, the animal quickly made it from the bathroom across the hallway to the kitchen. That is where it found its end when Rich killed it with a shovel. We now have adhesive traps under the fridge and the stove. But with the cats we unfortunately can’t set up any other traps or put them in places that the cats can reach. To me cockroaches are utterly disgusting and uncommon. I have never had any in any home I lived in. Neither in Germany nor in Ireland or Turkey. Rich on the other hand thinks they are quite regular in the U.S. Let’s just say it might have been good that I still don’t have my travel permit because that monster would have been a great reason for me to leave the country immediately.

The high this week was yesterday when we went apple picking. First of all, the car runs like clockwork again. We had found an orchard that wasn’t too far to go to. As we really enjoyed apple picking last year [here], it also was on our bucket list for this fall. We had so much fun once more. I learned how to use an apple picker tool, which was much harder to use than it looked. Eventually we had a big bag full of apples that Rich got to carry home.

Week in review: 13 - 19 September 2021 | janavarWeek in review: 13 - 19 September 2021 | janavarWeek in review: 13 - 19 September 2021 | janavarWeek in review: 13 - 19 September 2021 | janavar

|Watched| Küchenschlacht
|Read| Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, Inselruhe, Inselwahn, Inselnebel, Inselerbe, Inselkälte, Inselwind, Tödliche Saat, Dat witte Lücht
|Listened to| AnnenMayKantereit
|Done| continued my training on Coursera, slept and read much, went apple picking on Saturday, had a very relaxing Sunday with Rich
|Eaten| Apfelstrudel, pide, potato fennel gratin, pizza, pasta with fresh vegetable sauce, apple cider donuts, summer rolls, an impossible burger
|Drunk| water, coffee, peppermint tea, cranberry tea, apple cider
|Thought| when is the peak foliage to go on a little road trip?!
|Been happy| I tried my best
|Laughed| when we watched little kids picking apples
|Desired| have I ever mentioned that work permit? or a travel permit? also, I would love a few more fall things:

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|Bought| fresh produce on our farmers’ market, a few more pregnancy clothes for fall/winter
|Clicked| ouuuhhhh, a Harry Potter advent calendar: Make the Holidays Extra Magical with this Harry Potter Advent Calendar; more book recommendations: 15 Cosy Books You Need To Snuggle Up With This Autumn; why again should this country give work permits to teachers?!: Will the Bus Driver Ever Come? Or the Substitute Teacher or Cafeteria Worker?

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