Week in review: 11 – 17 April 2016

In case you were wondering, I have deciced to continue writing my blog in English only for now. When I started my blog in 2010, being a German native speaker I automatically chose German as the language. Later on I switched to writing my posts in both languages, and, oh boy, is that time consuming. It is time I don’t really have to spare most days. Often just thinking about that I still have to translate a post before publishing it kills my motivation. Also, translating takes up so much time because I want to make sure that both texts express more or less the same. I am sure that my German readers won’t have any difficulty understanding my English, well, except for my parents who hardly know any English (sorry, dad!). I am aware that my English isn’t perfect, but then again I do hold a master’s degree in English, and some more writing practice is definitely going to help. Confining myself to blogging in English will hopefully save me some time on the one hand, and also allow me to blog faster and a little more often on the other hand. So let’s see how it goes.

|Watched| Exodus
|Read| Brief loves that live forever, April Cosmo
|Listened to| a lot of radio during our roadtrip
|Done| stayed in Florida until Wednesday, rented a car and went all the way down to Key West, flew back to Boston, met my parents there, took the train to NYC on Sunday
|Eaten| a lot of Cuban food (I just love plantains), pasta in Boston’s Little Italy, my first scoop of icecream this year
|Drunk| water, coffee, white wine, Smirnoff Ice
|Thought| Do they need any German teachers on the Keys?!
|Been happy| when I got an upgrade on the car I rented – going from a tiny Kia to a giant Chrysler Minivan
|Laughed| absolutely
|Desired| just a little more sleep would be fine
|Bought| a little few somethings in Forever 21 and Kiko
|Clicked| the weather forecast for NYC, I love Lina’s Twentysomething Columns



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4 thoughts on “Week in review: 11 – 17 April 2016”

  1. Writing bilingual is indeed time consuming, yep. I get that you decided for the more internationally understood one, too. But for me it’s starting to pay – keeping in mind however that neither language I use is international as the English language is. Really, I’m even thinking of adding English as a third language. Next year. Probably. Maybe. We’ll see… 😀

    Mein erstes Eis hab ich übrigens Ende März in Bari gegessen! *_* Mjamm!

    LG Julia

    1. Oh, da bin ich gespannt, ob du im nächsten Jahr auch noch auf Englisch bloggst. Wie gesagt, der Zeitfaktor spielte bei meiner Entscheidung die größte Rolle. Lg

  2. Ich finde es super, dass du in Englisch schreibst. Das ist ja auch eine super Übung für mich. Außerdem ist es wirklich sehr verständlich und dein Pa kann auch etwas üben. 🙂 Ich bin tatsächlich auch oft auf Instagram dazu geneigt, dir auf Englisch zu antworten. Zumindest habe ich manche Antworten automatisch auf Englisch im Kopf. 🙂 Hab eine schöne Woche.

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