Travel Photo Diary: Atlanta, Georgia

It was about two months ago when I was so sick of the Boston winter that I needed to escape. I flew to Atlanta for a weekend because it was warm there. Although the city is famous for the World of Coca Cola and the world’s largest indoor aquarium, I didn’t do any touristy stuff. My main goal was to relax and enjoy the sun. I stayed with a friend, and so we did what people in Atlanta seem to do on weekends: We slept late, had breakfast on the roof terrace, drank a lot of coffee, sat in beer gardens, had Southern comfort food, and walked on the BeltLine. The latter is a former railway corridor, similar to the High Line in Manhattan.

What I specifically liked about Atlanta – besides the awesome weather – was that people there seem much friendlier in comparison to New England. In the beer gardens, we ended up talking naturally to the people next to us. In Boston we have a few craft breweries, but outside beer gardens are forbidden (I think – they definitely don’t exist up here), and I am already happy when my neighbors reply to my “good morning” in the hallway. Also, there is a skyline and much street art like graffiti which makes Atlanta a big and very likeable city for me. Only my weekend ended way to fast. I definitely want to explore it more and maybe visit some of the tourist attractions.

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