My September 2017 Goals

It has been a while. First, I was too lazy to blog, then I was too busy. All my friends returned at once, then work started. I found it easier to solely concentrate on work tasks and got much done in little time. In August I realized as well that I have quite time consuming hobbies. Reading, photography, blogging, etc. are awesome, esp. as a combination, but each of them takes up much of my free time. I might have to prioritize more.

But with September starting, I also seem to find back into my routines after a long and good summer. It is much easier to use my time effectively when I don’t have days off in a row and not any specific tasks. Like this long weekend (it is Labor Day today) I have worked for a few hours every day, but I also went to my favorite outdoor market, celebrated a friend’s birthday, did some shopping at Aldi (hey, it’s German Week and they’ve got all the amazing German products), and this afternoon I am going to meet friends for a photography walk. Plus I have finally found the time and leisure for blogging. Yay!!!

In September I want to:

  • improve my Photoshop skills;
  • properly plan my fall break vacation;
  • stop working from home for school at 8 p.m.;
  • continue to go out in order to take photos once a week;
  • drink more water and a little less coffee, esp. during the day;
  • eat more consciously;
  • have my car’s windshield repaired;
  • try to attend many (social) events as long as the weather isn’t too bad and I still like to step outside;
  • finally book that Christmas flight.

September Goals

In August I wanted to:

  • start exercising three times a week Χ – Ehm, no. Just no.
  • tidy my desk and my bookshelves √ – I actually also tidied my dresser and my closet, it felt great!
  • try to set up my ancient nettop because I could maybe leave it in school instead of carrying my laptop back and forth every day √ – I was positively surprised that it still works well enough for all the basic work.
  • learn how to fill my car tires with air √ – It turned out to be much easier than expected. It also definitely helped that I wore a skirt and high heels on the day when I asked the nice man at my gas station to explain this process to me. I might even do it myself next time … if I wear something more comfortable that is 😛
  • going outside to shoot photos at least once a week √ – I have used my new camera a lot already. There were some photo shoots that I attended, too.
  • buy no cosmetics, no clothes, and no books Χ – I remember a few lipsticks. Oh, and this amazing Harry Potter clothing collection at Primark. Oooops.
  • knit a scarf Χ – I started, but it’s not finished.
  • consider what I want to do in fall break Χ – I haven’t gotten any further than the idea that I will probably go to Canada once more.
  • book my flight to Germany for Christmas Χ – I haven’t done this either, which is seriously stupid because prices are only increasing by now. But I do have a few excuses like that I still haven’t figured out when I’ll return to Boston. I definitely won’t stay in my parents’ village for more than a few days.
  • start well into the new school year √ – To my mind it was quite a good start. I enjoyed decorating my classes’ rooms and it was fun to see everybody again (both my teacher colleagues and the students).
  • take a daily walk even once school has started √ – Maybe not always on purpose, but I have walked more.

What are your plans for September?

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