My Playlist to Relax

Do you also have these songs that you can listen to again and again? I have many different playlists that I listen to depending on my mood. The great advantage about having a monthly mobile data package in the U.S. is that there isn’t any limit (or at least not with T Mobile, I am actually not sure about the other operators). And I love to listen to music when I’m outside. Mostly I use Spotify because I’ve used it for several years and saved all my favorite playlists there. There’s this one with Turkish rock songs which I listen to when I am on the way to a party or in an extraordinary good mood. Another one was recommended to me by a colleague and I actually like to listen to it when I work (alone, not in a classroom obviously). When I am at home, I mostly ask Alexa to play me music. Even though I don’t pay much attention to Amazon music in general, she quickly learned my taste. Although it took me two weeks after Christmas to make her understand that I didn’t want to hear any more Christmas songs …

Since I was sick for most of this month, I have preferred listening to my “Relax” playlist. I started it about a year ago, and I am actually surprised to see that I’ve saved more than 40 songs. I just assumed it would be way less. Many of them are older, like the ones from the Spice Girls, Robbie Williams and Damien Rice. But I also added newer ones, e.g. from Jake Bugg, who I saw live in Boston last fall. Also I’m long past the stage of not listening to some singers because they are not cool or whatever. When I moved to Boston, the first two concerts I went to were Tokio Hotel and One Direction. Both concerts, the first in a small club, the other in a huge stadium, were actually awesome. And I like to listen to Billy’s (Tokio Hotel’s lead singer) solo songs.

When I listen to this playlist, it calms me. Sometimes it makes me melancholic. Sometimes it helps me process thoughts and emotions. I love that all music influences us. And that is why I have playlists for every kind of mood and can listen to the same songs over and over again.

What music do you listen most to?

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  1. I’m mostly listening to upbeat pop music because I like songs that make me happy or make me want to dance 😀 I can’t listen to singer-songwriter music because it’s mostly sad and depressing and I don’t what that in my life xD

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