My plans for 2017

I rather use the word plans than resolutions because it makes me feel that I’ll rather accomplish them. Also I’m not good with the usual resolutions. I can never say no to chocolate, and I never exercise more just because a new year has started. To sum up, I am more of a Bridget Jones kind of type. Let’s say I try to improve some things, but my self-discipline is lacking a lot. This is why I try to make plans for the new year, and I have come up with a good few, of which I believe they are reasonable and possible to realize. And I would just like to stress that I at least don’t (yet) walk around dressed like Bridget – and I believe if I celebrated New Year’s with my family, my mom wouldn’t have me put on anything ugly.

In 2017 I want to

  • use my desk to work at instead of sitting on my bed all the time.
  • get a new carpet for my room because I have huge problems vacuum cleaning my cheap Ikea one there.
  • finally order printed photos and hang them up in all the frames that I bought ages ago.
  • consider moving if I can find an affordable apartment just for me alone – and the cat of course.
  • make an appointment with my tax advisor far in advance, and not two days before Tax Day like 2016.
  • finish working for my job at 8 p.m. latest every day and instead use the time to unwind.
  • get enough sleep, but also become more active in general, i.e. not only dragging myself home from work and then nearly passing out, but acquiring more energy. Not by drinking more coffee.
  • travel much again: I’m definitely going to meet my parents for a vacation somewhere during spreak break (somewhere warm hopefully); but I also want to see more of the US and maybe Canada.
  • read at least as much as last year.

  • build up reserves in my savings account (I have a number in my head so there’s a clearly defined goal).
  • continue going to the weekly market, but plan a little ahead what I am actually going to cook.
  • use up beauty products before buying new ones.
  • oh, and also use up all my stocks of food because it doesn’t look like a famine soon. And one year old chocolate doesn’t taste well. I tried.
  • go clubbing more than twice a year.
  • spend ten minutes every day to only play with the cat – no distractions allowed.
  • continue blogging.
  • throw away all socks and underwear with holes in them and replace them. Not my proudest moment to admit this.

In January I definitely want to

  • book that spring break vacation for April because I love looking forward to trips.
  • take a 20 minute walk in daylight every day because I know it improves my mood very much.
  • throw all magazines from 2016 into the trash because I am really not going to read them again.
  • buy a birthday present for my mom before her actual birthday.
  • go ice-skating.
  • tidy my desk so that I can use it.
  • read “The Man in the High Castle” by Philip K. Dick (this is the novel the series with the same name is loosely based on).
  • figure out how early I would have to apply for another apartment if I wanted to move.
  • try going to the Boston Impact Hub again every Monday evening.

sweater: Gap
dress: Urban Outfitters
shoes: Guess

© janavar


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10 thoughts on “My plans for 2017”

  1. I love the idea of calling them plans instead of resolutions. It’s such a simple change, but it really shifts how you think about your plans for the upcoming year! Best of luck on your goals for the upcoming year!

  2. Da sind ein paar tolle Ideen dabei, auch welche, die mir sehr bekannt vorkommen, vor allem das mit den Beautyprodukten, die man aufbrauchen sollte…
    Frohes Neues!

    1. Dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr!
      Ja, das Produkte aufbrauchen muss ich mir immer wieder vornehmen, weil meine Schränke sonst immer voller werden 😀

  3. Love the outfit! I definitely want to travel more too and would love to go to canada! I also want to read more and have already started on that goal 🙂 Good luck with all your goals!

  4. It’s a nice list of plans. I got a lot of inspiration. But it’s also a very long list. Are you sure that’s your list for one year? 😉
    To travel more is a good idea and Canada is a beautifil country and they celebrate in 2017 their 150th birthday and therefore all the national parks have free admission.

    I wish you a happy new year

    Greetings Myriam

  5. Liebe Jana,

    die ersten 3 Punkte deiner Vorsätze klingen ja, wie die Dinge, die ich vor Neujahr gemacht habe, um sie nicht mit in 2017 zu nehmen.

    Mein Tisch steht jetzt allerdings im Keller, habe sowieso nie dort gesessen und ein schöner Sessel gefällt mir dort jetzt viel, viel mehr – und wird genutzt! Vielleicht auch eine Idee für dich?

    Einen neuen Teppich habe ich auch gekauft. Allerdings aus anderen Gründen: mein alter passte irgendwie nicht mehr ins Gesamtbild meines Zimmers.

    Na gut, die Bilder habe ich noch nicht aufgehangen. Ausgewählt und gedruckt sind sie aber schon 🙂

    Viel Erfolg dir bei deinen Vorsätzen! Und berichte, wohin die Reise mit deinen Eltern geht 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

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