My May 2020 Goals

It is 4 May and I am really happy to be rid of that April. While it was supposed to be such a great month (my parents visiting, two weeks of spring break, wedding, honeymoon in the Caribbean), it turned to be really shitty. My parents were banned from coming to the U.S. We had to indefinitely postpone our wedding. Our trip was cancelled and we spent several hours to reach hotlines and our bank to get the money back. Oh, and I spent my two weeks of spring break in bed sick, plus another week. It is safe to say that I am not at all a fan of April 2020.

May instead has always been a good month for me. Not least because it is my birthday month. It is when spring has definitely arrived. Some days become even summery. As a result, I am not constantly freezing, but can finally wear all my favorite dresses. I really love May.

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These are my plans for May 2020:

  • I want to repot all our plants. We already bought flower soil, but still need a few bigger pots.
  • I want to visit my car and pick up a dining table and chairs. First of all, my car is a little aged and it is probably quite bad that I haven’t driven it in almost two months. We definitely have to go and visit it in its garage in White Plains soon. Hopefully, we can restart the battery with the starter set I bought a while ago. Then we will drive to my colleagues’ house and pick up their dining table and chairs. As they are moving back to Germany this summer, we bought it from them. I think I might even be okay driving into the City for the first time ever – but only because there is so little traffic.
  • I want to start my own sourdough again. It’s easy-peasy which I know because I did it one summer in Turkey. It is also what everybody seems to be doing these days. Which is why I am still looking for rye flour. Unfortunately, it is also the main and only ingredient I need to buy – the other is water and it still comes out of the tap :-).
  • I want to replace Manfred’s battery. Manfred is our beloved robot vacuum. Recently his battery has been empty after only 10 minutes. So I ordered a replacement today and hope to operate him within the next week.
  • I want to take a walk outside every day. The weather is mostly nice. Plus I have my monster mask and I have also ordered a few more washable fabric masks. Plus I just had Covid. So I want to be outside every day. Well, unless the weather is too unpleasant.
  • I want to refurnish our bathroom. In April already ordered plants and shelves, but these days everything takes a little longer to arrive.
  • I want to establish more of a routine. In the beginning the quarantine felt exciting. Then I fell sick. Afterwards Rich was still WFH for another week. But, now that I am fully well again, I’d love to develop a daily (and weekly) routine that takes me through the next four months. Like getting up around the same time every morning. I actually do a lot better when I have routines.

What are your May 2020 goals?

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