My Christmas 2020 Wish List

It is only 3 more weeks till Christmas Eve – and just like every year, we are very obviously going to open our presents on Christmas Eve. Following the German tradition and not my impatience *cough*. I have gotten most gifts already that I want to give away. Even our Christmas cards have already arrived. Now we only need to write and send them to family and friends all over the world. We have mostly saved Saturday for this. Plus we want to do a few DIYs that, if they succeed, will also become little gifts. I am only still contemplating what to get the kittens. Possibly for once something they enjoy and not me, i.e. no new sweaters or harnesses.

Preparing everything for Christmas also means that I contemplate my own wish list. I almost (but only almost) am at a point where I understand why my parents have always said that they have everything and only want health and nothing else really. Well, I am not fully at that point yet. Not when there is a world with fun things like Grinch mugs, history told from cats’ perspectives, and shrimp earrings. I mean I could wear/use all three things immediately on Christmas morning when we hopefully enjoy a nice long breakfast while in PJs.

Being slightly more adult *cough cough* (lots of coughing around here today), I am still hoping for a weighted blanket that has been on my wish list for a while. But in the end I might just be really really happy when Rich, I and the kittens sit down on Christmas Eve and realize that we will have almost made through 2020. Unwrapping gifts will be rather the sweet extra thing … and I already can’t wait for Rich to unwrap his presents (I think I have got some really great ideas this year that will make him happy).

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What is on your Christmas wish list this year?

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