My Birthday Wish List

It is only 10 more days until my birthday. It is going to be weird this year. While my birthday is always around Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S., I could still always meet with a few friends to celebrate. Else, this is the one long weekend (the only long weekend between Easter and 4th July, actually the only bank holiday) and people tend to go away.

It is also weird because this year we can’t even go and have a nice dinner at a restaurant. I will most likely not receive any flowers because pretty much all flower shops are closed. Also, I had hoped at one point that I’d get married before I hit the 36. Well, it is not going to happen. I am of course aware that I am complaining about first world problems. But still, it would have been nice to have the golden ring on my (paid for) manicured finger and celebrate my first birthday in the City in a lovely restaurant. Oh, and since this is my wish list: it would have been amazing to have my hair colored, cut and professionally blown out by my favorite hairdresser.

I know everything will be fine. Also, we just got well from Covid. And once I am 36, all those other things will eventually fall into place. We’ll celebrate several unbirthdays when restaurants are allowed to reopen.

I still made a wish list of things I’d love to have these days. I might even get one or the other thing myself within the next few weeks. These days I spend little money and could easily reward myself (for, ehm, aging? keeping my sanity?).

My Birthday Wish List

A Harry Potter bracelet from Alex & Ani would be lovely, just as a reminder of all the magic around us. So far I didn’t think I’d need a smartwatch, but it would be fun. Especially now that I go on all those walks and bike trips. And since I spend more time outside, I’d also love to try the Supergoop hand sun cream.

Now that we spend so much time at home, I realize more how inconvenient the light in our apartment is for photography. I totally need a ring light and a light box. To be honest, I have wanted both for years, but have always been to frugal to buy them. I have heard many good things about weighted blankets and would even share one with Rich. Well, maybe.

Recently, we made much more food ourselves. I therefore would love an air fryer – I still remember my colleague in Boston who brought schnitzel for lunch and told us all about her little marvel (her air fryer that is, not her schnitzel, although it looked delish). And since summer is approaching, I would totally enjoy making our own icecream. Last but not least, I have read a lot about steam mops. They sound amazing and exactly like what we need.

I realize that, the older I become, the more convenient things I wish for. I mean I would totally accept a pair of Manolos as a birthday gift, but it seems like there won’t be any proper opportunity soon to show them off.

What is on your wish list these days?

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