Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving (or/and a great end of this week since I know only the US celebrates that holiday today)!

I am going to a friend’s house today where we are having a huge Thanksgiving dinner with 16 people. I am responsible for bringing icecream for dessert and almost messed up. Only at 6 p.m. yesterday did I remember that all shops are closed today so I rushed to the supermarket. I hope the icecream won’t melt on my way with public transport – else we’ll have to drink it.

Also I am going to stay there for the night because it is nice to have lazy days off and we want to bake the first Christmas cookies tomorrow. Yes, it is also Black Friday, but I have already bought some things I had wanted for a long time – I’ll show them to you soon – and probably have spent too much money already for this month anyway. So for today and at least for me tomorrow it is a little like Christmas in Germany when the shops are closed, you spend time with your friends/family, you eat a lot and relax most of the time.

And I am grateful for many things this year, esp. for having found amazing friends here in Boston, who are always there for me. Also for my other friends who are in many different places and countries. For my family. For my cat. For being here right now and even though life here is not always easy, I know this is the right place for now. The story continues.


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