Happy Halloween 2020 – The Kitten Edition

Happy Halloween 2020! This year has been rather scary so I am not sure how much horror we need today – but just in case we stay away from the news today and rather play with our kittens. Later on we are going to meet friends for dinner. We won’t dress up though because eating out at 5 °C and dressing up don’t go so well together. But I don’t want to keep photos of our amazing kittens from you – the Halloween edition (sadly, my DSLR camera is still in repair so we try to make the best of our phone cameras, but that isn’t always easy with an ill-lit apartment and wriggling kitties):

As soon as we had carved our pumpkin, the kittens started to explore it. They are so curious about everything.

Since they are the best kittens, they allow us to do a lot of things with (or maybe sometimes more to) them. Like putting them into kitten Halloween costumes. Hasi 1 (we are still in the process of finding the best names for them) as a cowboy:

And as a witch. It looks like she didn’t like this costume as much as the cowboy one.

Hasi 2 became a little bat. Whenever we put them into the bat costume, the Hasis start to drop on the floor and squirm while being on their backs. Of course, we never leave them in the costumes for too long and they always receive a little snack as a reward afterwards.

The actual horrors … I put on a 1980s outfit for school yesterday. The probably scariest part was that I found the whole costume in my closet. The kittens seem a little scared, too, don’t they?

Maybe next year we can all wear costumes at the same time 🙂

What are you dressing up as tonight? Or how do you celebrate Halloween 2020?

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