Friday’s Five

1) Sourdough

Welcome to 2020, the year of toilet paper and sourdough. I eventually found organic rye flour in our local supermarket – it probably wasn’t sold out because it was extra expensive. But what can you do? So I started my sourdough on Tuesday with 50 g rye flour and 50 ml warm water. I add the same amount every day. Things already turned sour on Wednesday so I have a really good feeling about this little dough. Next week I can hopefully already present my first bread. Also: do we need to name it?

I also found this website,, where you can still order plenty of flour and even dry yeast from. The products are reasonably priced, which is a plus. Guess who ordered a few 5 pound bags of rye flour?! And guess who in this household doesn’t yet know I ordered them …

2) Outer Banks

Oh yes! I love a good mystery/adventure. As a kid those were my favorite books. Think: The Famous Five. Here they are older and at the end of high school. No pet though. In Outer Banks there are four friends looking for John’s missing father. Instead they find many pointers to what he had discovered and why he disappeared: a legendary treasure.

3) Daily walks

It isn’t exciting to sit at home all day. Especially now that the weather has become way better. So I started to take an at least two hour long walk through Manhattan every day. Usually in the morning when there are least people in the streets. I love the wandering around and discovering beautiful parts. You can follow my walks in my Insta stories every day: janavar_net. And maybe I can post my favorite photos on the blog once a week?!

4) Bread with butter and chives

For me one of the easiest and best dishes in spring is bread with butter and chives. It is simple, fresh and tasty. You can also use cream cheese insted of butter. While I grew up eating this, Rich had never heard about it before. But he now loves it, too.

5) Support local bookstores

I have always loved Amazon for their convenient services and their great devices. But these days I question much more how they treat their employees. The U.S. doesn’t have many laws to protect workers and, unfortunately, it shows. Even though we still end up ordering certain things from Amazon (like the new battery for our robot vacuum), we try to also buy from other online stores. For paper books I definitely am going to always order from Bookshop from now on. They support independent local bookstores. When you order something, you can even choose between giving the money to a certain bookstore or to an earnings pool that is distributed among all the stores.

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