Friday’s Five

1. This morning fall was definitely in the air and I wore a long, warm cardigan and wrapped myself in an over-sized scarf. It is the right time to sip pumpkin spice lattes [here is an old psl recipe from a time before I lived in the U.S. and when I could not buy them everywhere], wait for the first foliage, develop ideas for Halloween costumes or to stay at home and read for hours.

2. I love Philip Pullman’s book series “His Dark Materials” (of which most of you might know “The Golden Compass”). While I can’t wait for the TV series to be published in late fall, I am even more looking forward to his latest book, “The Secret Commonwealth”*, which will come out on 3 October.

3. We just subscribed again to the New York Times. Last year I cancelled my subscription because it was getting a little expensive at the time and, with me going back and forth between Boston and NYC, there never seemed enough time to read the weekend editions properly. But I actually love to read and support great journalism which is why we have now decided to subscribe to the paper Friday to Sunday editions and the full online access.

4. Talking of reading and culture, the Metropolitan Opera recently announced their shows for the new season. We got tickets for “La Bohème” (so far). Opera isn’t that popular in the U.S., but I am excited to go. About two or three years ago I had a seasonal subscription to a Boston opera house and loved it.

5. I want to watch “Carnival Row”, a new Amazon Prime series. This weekend might be the perfect time to start.

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