Friday’s Five – 5 Things That Make Me Happy

1) Positive news about the Black Lives Matter movement: There are now several cities reallocating their budget – from police departments to social services. Minneapolis dismantles its police. Louisville passed the Breonna Taylor Law, i.e. a ban on no-knock warrants. People are discussing racism and what to do against. I think I have never seen that much information and that much support for  the cause or black businesses.

2) The music I listened to all through my teenage years: The Kelly Family. When things heat up, I need more anchors. One is the music I was a giant fan of when I was a teenager. They had long hair so I grew my hair. I collected all articles I could find on them in folders. Of course, I owned (and still do) all their CDs. I even introduced Rich to the Kelly Family who, while extremely successful in Europe, is nonfamous in the U.S.

3) The Avery Shaw Mystery series by Amanda Lee: I love cozy mysteries. I discovered this particular series in mid-May and simply love it. Avery is an obnoxious person who provokes everyone who doesn’t like her. She is also a brilliant reporter and very good in uncovering murder cases. I am now reading the 16th book and totally recommend the novels. By now the protagonist has grown on me and I find her hilarious. I also value that she is a round character that develops over the course of the series.

4) Walking barefoot on the softest grass in Bryant Park: I mean there is a reason we got married in Bryant Park – we both love that park a lot. It is also very close to our house. This year it is comparably empty. The grass has grown into this perfect soft field which I can spend hours on. It is that soft that I don’t even need to bring a blanket. While the Coronavirus crisis is terrible, it has its little perks.

5) A few new summer pieces I recently ordered

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